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Clean Storm VLM Pro-20 in Wide CRB Dry Cleaning Machine and PreScrubber TM5 VLS Replacement Brush Axles Only 6 units E26-5 [E26-5]

Your Price:  $102.82 
Part Number: E26-5
Estimated shipping cost: $ 21.00


Clean Storm 20" Wide Counter Rotating Brush (CRB) Dry Cleaning Machine VLM (Very Low Moisture) and PreScrubber TM4

This is for replacement brush axles only (bag of 6 axles)

Clean up to 7,500 sq ft per hour (929 sq meters)
Strong Dry VLM and CRB versaclean CRB1580

Commercial carpet cleaning system that gives you 6 machines in 1.

1.  Pre-scrubbing agitator for before hot water extraction.
2.  Adsorbent powder and encapsulation dry carpet cleaning machine. 3.  Hard floor cleaning machine. 4.  Pile lifting machine.
5.  Area rug and wool cleaning machine.
6.  Hair removal machine.

Do you walk over money at your job sites?  
Do you say you are only a carpet cleaner and walk over the tile to get to the carpet?  
Do you set the area rug out of the way so you can clean the wall to wall carpet underneath because you are scared they might bleed?  Bring your carpet cleaning company into the 21 century with the TM4. 

Can be used on dry, or damp carpet.
Change between brush types in under one minute.  From soft area rug brushes, carpet cleaning brushes, tile cleaning brushes. 
Ultra fast and super easy to use.  
Counter rotation of brushes makes the machine glide over the carpet like a hockey puck on ice!
Built for the dry cleaning industry but quickly taking over as the best prescrubbing machine on the market today.  Use before you rinse with your portable or truckmounted hot water extraction machine. 
One machine can drive and clean the carpet, tile and delicate wool rugs.  
Machines have splash proof electronics and can be used in rug pits, carpets and hard floor surfaces.
$200 Discount when you package your full size (9+ gallons) portable carpet cleaning machine or truckmount with any CRB machine over $2000.
Includes snap in stainless steel dust and splash covers and renovators for dirt and adsorbent power collection. 
Dry cleaning transport tray dolley Includes: Transport and dolly tray with anti brush crushing technology. 

rotary shampooer splash and dust cover Includes:  Snap in Stainless steel splash and dust cover with transport wheels.

dry cleaning machine renovators Includes: Snap in Stainless steel renovator trays with view windows. 
Strong TM4 Tile Cleaning Hard Black Brush CRB 15" B750 Each   Optional TM4 Tile Cleaning Hard Black Brush CRB 15" B750 Each 
Strong Dry B754-DS Hard Brush 15in for CRB Floor Scrubber Machine - Replacement Yellow Brush Each CRB   Strong Dry B754-DS Hard Brush 15in for CRB Floor Scrubber Machine - Replacement Yellow Brush Each CRB 

Woolsafe approved carpet cleaning machine versaclean CRB1580  versaclean CRB1580 action
dry cleaning carpet cleaning comparison
Assembled in the USA from globally sourced products. (incl. standard brushes, renovators, dust covers, trolley, 3ft power cord)

Question:  Are the soft white brushes that are supplied with the machine OK to use on wool, jute, sisal, and silk rugs?

Answer: The factory performed a change on brushes.  The original design was to include a white soft brush for home carpet and natural fiber area rugs.  These have been changed out, by default now you receive blue brushes that are both home wall to wall carpet and will also clean commercial carpeting.  The white brushes (now optional) on the TM4 and TM5 do just fine on natural fibers, however, I do try brushes on any small area of the carpet or rug prior to performing the actual cleaning job.

Power   750W/110V/60Hz
Brush rotation speed   380 RPM
Working width   15 in. | 38 cm
Weight   53 lbs. | 24 kg
Dimensions (W × H × D)   17.0 × 9.2 × 42.5 in. 
40.6 × 69.9 × 105.8 cm 
Cleaning capacity   7,500 sq. ft. | 697 sq. m (max. per hour)
Specifications are   subject to change without notice. Some values may be approximate.
*Capacity based   on encapsulation cleaning on light soil.

Warranty Statement.

OEM Associations:
Sapphire Scientific 67-065
VersaClean CRB1580
Clean Storm CRB17

Strong Dry TM4 15 Inch White Soft Brush for 17 Inch CRB Machine    TM4 15 Inch White Soft Brush for 17 Inch CRB Machine 
     Strong Dry Stair Climbing Wheel Set for TM4 and TM5   CRB Xup Stair Climbing Wheel Set for TM4 and TM5 

tandium dry cleaning bar  Tandem Bar to double you speed. 

     Strong TM4 Tile Cleaning Hard Black Brush CRB 15" B750 Each   CRB TM4 Tile Cleaning Hard Black Brush 15" B750 Each 
Extension Power cord 14-3 X 50 ft Heavy Duty M1352   Extension Power cord 14-3 X 50 ft Heavy Duty M1352 
Compare with other CBR machines HERE

 Parts and Schematics for the TM4


Preventive Maintenance on CRB Machines

  • Between each job, remove the brushes and wipe out the crud under the brush cover and by the bearings. (Use box rags, thick paper towel)


  • At the end of the day after all jobs, use a cleaner such as Mr. Clean, Windex or a possible disinfectant with a scrub brush and wipe down with box rags.


  • Make sure the bearings on the non-gear side spin freely, the moment they begin to not spin freely; it can torque the gear side and cause the gears to break. You will need to replace the non-gear side bearings as soon as they stop spinning freely. Important to check this on a weekly basis.


  • Cleaning of Brushes: Take a 5-gallon bucket full of hot water and place the brushes in it. It will normally turn extremely black. Empty out the 5-gallon bucket and repeat. For extreme rat nasty with some brushes, you may need to repeat this process 6-7 times. The avg. time it takes per bucket full of hot water is 45 mins. During the final soak pour a few ounces of disinfectant and let it sit for 30-60 mins. Remove from bucket, set in front of fan and let dry.


  • Remember the brushes get full of crud, dirt and debris and that overtime you don’t get as good as a clean. As the brush spins, all the crud collects on the black tube and it collects on the bristles from the inside moving out. However, if you constantly clean the brushes at the end of the day, they stay almost brand new for an incredibly long period of time.


Note: It can take up to 2 days for the dirtiest of brushes as you repeat the bucket of hot water process 6-7 times. It is recommend you do the process as much as needed until the water does not change colors. Also, if you do not properly clean after every job, the crud builds up and the gears work harder since the brush has to fight against the built up crud and this can cause the gears to break.


  • Brush Rotation: Do not rotate the brushes from front to back. Since the brushes are soaked in hot water, it takes the memory out of that brush. However, if you use the machine for a long period of time, you will need to flip the brush but not front to back, only the other way around. It is important to remember that the brushes have a natural curve to the bristles tips and the bristles form “a memory” after constant use. You will need to rotate the brushes so the memory goes the opposite direction and begins to clean better.


Note: In order to tell when this happens, pay close attention to the cleaning results. If the results become mediocre, then flip the brushes.


  • Insert some grease between the bearing and the cover and the bearing shaft entrance every month.


  • Every 3 months, remove the gear cover, clean the gears and re-grease with white lithium grease.

  • Make it a habit to remove the bearing cover every month to clean it up well with W-40 and make sure to dry it with compressed air and fit the cover together again.


Carpet Cleaning Equipment Truckmount Truck Mount Truckmounted Extractor

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This product was added to our store on Thursday 21 December, 2017.
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