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NorthStar 1573021 Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer 2.5gpm 3000psi 230volt 5hp Freight Included [1573021]

Your Price:  $929.88 
Part Number: 1573021

Product Options
Extended Warranty:


NorthStar 1573021 Cold Water Electric Pressure Washer 2.5gpm 3000psi 230volt 5 horse Power!

Product Summary

The NorthStar electric cold water pressure washer provides the power you need for cleaning pavement, siding, deck maintenance and general-purpose cleaning with the quick-couple nozzle and soap nozzle.
Rear hose-entry spray gun with split lance keeps the hose out of the way for easy handling. 25 feet of high-pressure hose gives you great range. Direct-drive pump features brass manifold and ceramic plungers.

3000 psi X 2.5 gpm = 7500 cleaning units (speed)

*Note, please squeeze the lance trigger to remove all the air and while turning motor on to reduce amp draw.

Additional Information:

Owners Manual
Plug Style



  • (1) Pressure washer
  • (1) Quick connect industrial rear entry gun
  • (1) 36in. lance with nozzle quick connector
  • (1) 25ft. gray non-marking quick connect hose
  • (1) 25° nozzle
  • (1) Chemical nozzle
  • (1) Downstream chemical injector

Features & Benefits

  • 5 HP Leeson motor operates on dedicated 230V/30A circuit
  • Direct drive CAT 4DNX pump w/brass manifold and ceramic plungers
  • Forged brass manifold gives improved strength over cheaper aluminum
  • Easy Start stops pressure build-up during start-up
  • Adjustable pressure for job versatility
  • Sight glass lets you quickly check pump oil
  • 25ft. gray high-pressure hose w/ 3/8in. quick couplers
  • Thermal protector, downstream injector, 25° and soap quick-couple nozzles
  • Rear entry gun and 18 1/2in. lance with quick connect
  • 36ft. cord with GFCI protection
  • Steel baseplate frame and 10in. pneumatic tires
  • Push down-style cart enables smooth, balanced mobility
  • Durable 1 3/8in. tubular steel frame
  • 140°F max. inlet water temp.; pump comes filled with oil
  • NEMA 6-30R receptacle needs to be a dedicated circuit
Key Specs
Item# 1573021
Brand NorthStar
Manufacturer's Warranty 24 months parts / 24 months labor
Ship Weight 139.0 lbs
Pressure (PSI) 3,000
Flow (GPM) 2.5
Motor Leeson
HP 5
Volts 230
Amps 30
Drive Direct
Gun Consumer rear entry w/ 18 1/2in. lance
Nozzle Type Quick-connect 25° and soap nozzle
Orifice Size 3.0
Hose 25ft. gray high-pressure
Coupler Size (in.) 3/8
Cart Push down cart w/10-in. pneumatic tire
Power Cord (ft.) 36 ft. w/GFCI protection
Max. Inlet Water Temp (°F) 140
Chemical Injector Yes
Adjustable Pressure Yes
Pump Oil Type SAE30 nondetergent oil
Pump Oil Included Yes
Thermal Protector Yes
Dimensions L x W x H (in.) 33 7/8 x 21 1/4 x 38


Shazaam   Reverse6-30R   Power Joiner Step Up Inverter Electric Car Charger Converts Dual 20 amp 120 Volt outlets to allow 240 Volt 3 wire 20 amp Use 6-30R   Power Joiner Step Up Inverter Converts Dual 20 amp 120 Volt outlets to allow 240 Volt 3 wire 20 amp Use 6-30R 

Q & A

Question: How much pressure can I get out of dual 20 amps breakers?
Answer:  2000 psi, 4 hp, 2.5 gpm or about 5000 cleaning units (speed)

Question:  How much pressure can I get out of dual 15 amp breakers with the above pressure washer?
Answer:  Usually about 1500 psi, 3 hp, 2.5 gpm or about 3750 cleaning units (speed) For extended run time you are not supposed to run electrical devices over 80% of their load so if you are going to run the pressure washer for hours you have to reduce the pressure/amp draw another 20%.  An option for dual 15 amp breakers is to purchase a system already designed to operate on dual 15 amps, like the Clean Storm 6720 cleaning unit pressure washer.  

Question: Is it acceptable to use an extension cord and if OK what gauge is recommended?
Answer:  I would not use an extension cord on a 30 Amp 240 volt motor, you should use a longer high pressure hose
We recommend that this unit be plugged directly into an outlet and not used with an extension cord. To increase the usable range of the unit we offer longer hose that could be used in combination with or in place of the existing hose

Question:  Can it be hooked up to a hot water spigot? I see it says cold water but will the pump handle hot water? I see there are add on water heaters, but are they heating the water before it goes into the pump or after it leaves the pump?
Answer:  This NorthStar Electric cold water pressure washer with Cat pump is not recommended for anything besides cold water. We do offer an add on water heater, which heats the water after it goes through the pump. All heated pressure washers heat the water after the pump to save pump life. Check out my product recommendations below.  The pump pressure seals have a 140 degree F rating and hear is what is happening inside the pump - this pump moves 2.5 gallons of water per minute all the time, whether you are squeezing the trigger or not.  When you let go of the trigger on the cleaning lance the water is redirected back through a pressure unloader and back into the inlet of the pump and circles around and around.  The friction on the inside of the pump will heat this 6 oz of water very quickly.  Normal inbound water temperature is 65 degrees F but in under 2 minutes the water temperature inside the pump will be at over 140 degrees F.  We have installed a 140 degree F auto discharge on the head of the pump.  If you turn on the pump and quit cleaning and the water in the head of the pump adsorbs enough heat to reach 140, this will open up and discharge the water out of the head to allow new fresh cold water to enter the pump.  Normal hot tap water in a home is 105 degrees F and if you used filtered hot water to enter this pump, you would never be able to set the lance down to quit cleaning because you would be removing the time it takes for the 6 oz of water that is in the head of the pump from going from 65 to 140 (75 degree difference) but now 105 to 140 (35 degree difference).   Since going from 65 to 140 only takes two minutes, I would guess that going from 105 to 140 is under 60 seconds.   The number of service hours between pump head seal rebuild and unloader seals rebuild would be cut in half with hot water traveling through the pump head.

NorthStar   157495   NorthStar: 350,000 btu water heater for pressure washing, Tile Cleaning, and carpet cleaning   NorthStar: 350,000 btu water heater for pressure washing, Tile Cleaning, and carpet cleaning 

Question: Can this run on a 208VAC-30A service?
Answer:  This NorthStar electric pressure washer is engineered for 230 voltage. By running this on 208 voltage you will lower the horsepower, and risk a higher current draw, and an increase in motor heating. This will void the warranty.

Question:  What receptacle type is required for this unit plug?
Answer:  This NorthStar pressure washer requires a 230 Volt 30 Amp dedicated circuit with a 6-30R outlet/receptacle.

Question:  Does this pressure washer include an integral pressure switch?
  -I will be working remotely with a long hose and may go without spraying for extended periods of time. I'd prefer to have the motor shut off when it reaches high pressure and kick back in when pressure is needed.
Answer: This pressure washer doesn't have an integral pressure switch. The motor and pump will continue to run even when you aren't spraying. However, the pump is thermally protected. The water in the pump will heat up after some time when not being discharged. The thermal protector valve will open and allow this hot water to exit the pump which allows cold water to enter the pump and cool it so it doesn't overheat or damage the pump. Northern Tool doesn't carry pressure switches for pressure washers that would turn the pump or engine off.

Question:  How many watts does this unit consume?
Answer:  This NorthStar pressure washer has a 5 HP 230 volt motor. At 230 volts, a single phase motor draws approximately 5 amps per horsepower. This puts this unit at approximately 25 amps and 5,750 watts.
Amps X Voltage = Watts
You would want to have a 30 amp dedicated circuit to run this.

Question:  Can I use a Generator?  I am wishing to move from IC engines to electric. Would an adequate generator work well with this washer and could you supply a rec here. Will also be used for power outages, air compressor and should run quiet!
Answer:  To run this pressure washer you will need a generator that will produce at least 7000 watts and has a 240 volt, 30 amp outlet.  This means the generator needs a 420cc engine or larger.   There are two options for the type of generator that you could use; portable or standby.

Our most popular 7000 watt generator

BE Pressure Supply   BE-9000ER   BE Pressure Supply: PowerEase 9000 watt Generator Electric Start 7100 watt run BE9000ERUSC   BE Pressure Supply: PowerEase 9000 watt Generator Electric Start 7100 watt run BE9000ERUSC 
Most all 7000 + watt generators will come with a L14-30 30 amp 230 volt plug on it.  You will need to have a converter box made to converts this to the 6-30R that is needed for this pressure washer.  You will have to ground the generator with a metal stake in the ground or run a wire from the ground pin on the generator to a ground pin on a male plug and plug into a wall outlet. 

Question:  What makes this pressure wash so much more expensive?
Answer:  The parts!  Both the 5 hp electric motor and the Cat pump are top of the line.  Using the formula of max psi X max gpm = cleaning units speed, means this unit will clean with considerable more cleaning speed over traditional 3000 to 4000 cleaning unit speed you can get out of one wall outlet electric pressure washers.  If you can perform every cleaning single job 50% faster over the next 10 years, would not this be worth it?  Add heat and cut this time in half again!


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Warranty Disclaimer: Buyer's sole and exclusive remedy for defects in the products shall be as provided in the manufactures's warranty and any other rights provided by law against the manufacturer. Steam Brite, Inc makes no other than as specified in this agreement. All other warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby disclaimed.

This product was added to our store on Thursday 19 September, 2013.
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