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Odorcide 210 Concentrate 16 oz 210-P [740379511126]

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Odorcide Products The Odorcide 210 family of products is a safe, economical and highly effective deodorizing suite of products. All Odorcide products are a complex blend of safe, biodegradable ingredients that work through several actions. Those actions include chemical bonding, physical absorbtion and counteraction. These actions lead to one result, the complete elimination of odors. Odorcide also contains inhibitors that will control odors caused by further organic decomposition and residuals that continue to combat odors long after application. 

Odorcide 210 is a safe, economical and most importantly effective deodorizing product. Odorcide is a complex blend of safe, biodegradable ingredients that work through several actions. Those actions include chemical bonding, physical absorbtion and counteraction. These actions lead to one result, the complete elimination of odors. Odorcide also contains inhibitors that will control odors caused by further organic decomposition and residuals that continue to combat odors long after application.


Odorcide 210 Testimonials

"Dear Odorcide, thank you for the sample. I have used the product in a restroom that has been a problem here at our hospital. Odorcide had a pleasant, light scent that was not over powering to cause distress in staff and patients. The very best result was it worked to eleminate the urine odor that we simply couldn't get rid of with the products that we usually use. ."

Mickey Crisp

Odorcide 210 Testimonials

"My cat peed on the carpet and NOTHING worked to get rid of the smell.. natures miracle, urine off, vinegar, peroxide, carpet cleaner, oxy cat stain and odor remover.. you name it, I tried it. It is very difficult to wade through all the products on the market that swear they work when nothing else will.. and they don't .. and you are at your wits end to find something because you need it IMMEDIATELY and every bad product you use just makes the situation worse and worse. I thought I was going to have to get rid of the cat and the carpet...then I ordered some of your Odorcide and it smells so good…Fresh and clean fragrance that is not a cover up…Lets hope the cat can't still smell the urine.. I sure can't.

Thanks for a great product. ."


Odorcide 210 Testimonials

"At Biotrauma, we pride ourselves in being the ultimate service provider for families who have experienced a tragedy (usually death) in the home. As you can imagine, we encounter serious odor problems in our line of work and use Odorcide 210 exclusively in our biotrauma remediation efforts. This is a key factor in the psychological well being of our clients, as the human memory is closely associated with smell. We thank you for an excellent product."

Benjamin Lichtenwalner
Vice President
Biotrauma, Inc

Odorcide 210 Testimonials

"I do not, as a rule, recommend any product but offer in my class on crime scene cleaning a list of chemicals and equipment that we normally use. I have made an exception to that rule with "Odorcide". As the body goes through the stages of lividity, rigor and then putrification the smell progressively gets worse. This is compounded by time, temperature and humidity as it speeds up or slows down the decay. As you can imagine this can become very bad in high temperatures but with experiences we have found over a period of time that with the use of your product it makes it easier for us to control the smell immediately and helps to reduce residual smells as we get advanced into the cleaning procedure. It has helped to make our job a lot easier and you cannot begin to understand how much we appreciate it."

Patrick Paluga
Alliance Biohazard


Question: Does Odorcide 210 actually work?
Answer: Absolutely. But don't take our word for it, click on the "Free Sample" tab above and try it for yourself.

Question: Is it an enzyme?
Answer: No. Odorcide is not an enzyme. Odorcide uses a chemistry called Zwaademaker Conjugates. This process bonds, absorbs and then counteracts the odor molecules ability to emit a vapor. The result is complete elimination of the odor.

Question: Does it work on cat urine?
Answer: Yes. Odorcide will eliminate the odors caused by pet urine. Simply identify the source and make sure Odorcide is used in a manner that will ensure contact with the odor molecule.

Question: Can you use it on oriental or wool rugs?
Answer: Yes. Odorcide is safe for use on rugs and carpets of all kinds. Rugs need to be treated front and back. A dip tank is best if available.

Question: Does it leave a residue?
Answer: No. Odoricide is a water based product thus no residue is left behind.

Question: Does it attract dirt?
Answer: No. Odorcide is non-ionic with a neutral Ph thus it does not attract dirt or debris after use.

Question: Will it hurt the finish on my floor?
Answer: No. Odorcide is a water based product and contains no caustic ingredients that will damage the floor surface

Question: Do I need to extract it?
Answer: Once Odorcide is applied its best to leave it until you are certain it has penetrated deeply enough to come in contact with the odor source. As many of the problems areas are on wood or concrete flooring, this process may take a few minutes. Odorcide needs to penetrate both of these hard surfaces to adequately reach the odor molecule. Once you are certain the penetration process is complete, you can extract the excess or you can simply let it air dry. If you are cleaning in addition to deodorizing, you can remove the excess during your cleaning procedures.

Question: What's in it?
Answer: The actual formula is proprietary but in general terms Odorcide is made up of a blend of natural ingredients that are safe for use on any surface to include leather chairs and hard wood floors. It is always recommended that you spot test before applications and as with all chemicals please keep them out of children's reach.

Thornell Corporation has been in business since 1980. Originally located in the Penfield, NY area and now headquartered in Smithville, MO, Thornell has always been a family owned business and we take great pride in the products we manufacture. The totally unique chemistry that makes Thornell products, including Odorcide 210, so effective was originally developed during a test at Cornell University in the late 1970's. Since that time Thornell's line of products sold in the veterinary field have grown in popularity every year and to this date Thornell is America's premier supplier of odor elimination products to veterinarians all across North America. In the late 1990's Odorcide 210 was unveiled. We took all the history and knowledge we had gained over the last two decades and came to market with the best all purpose deodorizer ever manufactured. Since the day Odorcide 210 made its debut there has never been a more effective and more reliable odor elimination product available.

Thornell Corporation's sole business is manufacturing odor elimination products. You can rest easy knowing that if you are using Odorcide 210, you are in fact using, "The One That Works!"

Thornell Corporation strives to provide the very best in odor elimination products. Odorcide® 210 is the result of those efforts. Please select one of the areas below to see how Odorcide can start working for you today.








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This product was added to our store on Friday 02 July, 2010.
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