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Clean Storm Goliath COMPLETE HEAT 20gal 500psi DUAL HEATED Four 2 Stage Vacs 14,000 BTU Heater Plus 1750 watt Heater Auto Fill Flood Pumper Auto Dump Hoses Wand [SBM-GO-D-CH Set]

Your Price:  $4,396.42 
Part Number: SBM-GO-D-CH Set
Estimated shipping cost: $ 223.00

Product Options
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Complete Heat Is Guaranteed To Be Hotter Than Any Other Electric Portable!

 Two heaters back to back.  14,000 BTU heat exchanger runs off the exhaust of the 4 vacuum motors as a preheater and 1750 watt electric post heater (after the pump).
 Portable Electric Truck Mount Complete Heat Model also has a 1750 watt electric heater (15 amp) on a third power cord.  (you do not have to use the electric heater if a third power cord is not available.)   More suction, more heat, more pressure, move vacuum motors, faster cleaning, better customer retention, hook in one place and clean the entire job site.  Portable truckmount carpet cleaning machine. This unit is auto fill and auto dump and boost water temperature too! The water pump maintains more cleaning pressure than other 500 psi portables. This is because you can direct connect to any bathroom or kitchen sink with 13/16 or 15/16-27 thread count or 3/4" garden hose or washing machine connection. Other 500 psi portables can loose as much as 50% of the water pressure between squeezing the cleaning trigger and letting go because the pump has to suck out of a fresh tank reservoir and then build the pressure. The Goliath 500 psi system uses the water pressure from the building to feed the pump eliminating the pressure drop that other brands experience. You can also suck water out of a bathtub, bucket, or trash can if you do not want to direct connect the unit to the sink.   This machine offers the ability to clean 200 ft from the machine with full productivity and automation of auto fill and dump.  This package includes 65 ft of vacuum and solution hose.  This is the absolution most performance that can be squeezed out of 2 power cords!
     This machine will also operates on one power cord is that is all the power that is available. In the one power cord mode will turn on two 2 stage vacuum motors and 500 psi water pump and half the heat exchanger.
 Mytee Escape Truckmount ETM, speedster ltd3




Quad Vac Flood pumper
The Industries Strongest 2 Cord Water Extraction Machine!
Tank Size
: 20 gallon with flat lid (some photos above show the original 15 gallon machine with the clear lid)
Body Construction: Fiberglass box for durability,
Vacuum Motors: Four 2 stage vacuums (8 stages total will operate 200 ft of 2" vacuum hose!) Vacuum motors are configured: each pair is in series and then both pairs are in parallel for the best of both worlds of high cfm and high inches of lift.  30 amp vacuum system (15 amps per cord). 
Automation: 30 GPM STAINLESS STEEL sump pump with water level sensor (machines automatically dumps the dirty water as you clean for non stop production) Draws only 3.5 amps.

Features and Includes:
Technical Specification:
  •   Primary cord (20 amp) runs (2) vac motors in air series with ball float shutoff and sump pump. If a secondary circuit is not available, machine would perform on this cord. Wired with an in-line GFI and cooling fan.
  •   Secondary circuit (15 amp) runs the (2) other vac motor in air series with a ball float shutoff and check valve.
  •   2" vacuum intake.
  •   Stainless steel screen lint catch to protect your auto dump pump.
  •   Garden hose cam lock adapter for carpet and tile cleaning
  •   1-1/2" cam lock adapter for flood restoration (seen in photo below)
  •   (5) Green lighted splash proof rocker switches.
  •   Blue tank/Grey base
  •   250 C.F.M.'s
  •   170" of Lift (normally dual 2 stage in series would only achieve 155" of lift but these MaxVac vacuum motor are actually doing 170" in series!  This is one of the reasons we chose this set up.  These are not inflated numbers!)
  •  42,500 vacuum units (maximum 170 inches of lift X maximum 250 CFM) make this one of the strongest electric machines on the market
  • Gallon of liquid defoamer can be set on top of extractor on jobs where you need to cut some suds. (auto dump systems only dump water and not bubbles)
  • 14,000 BTU belly-mount heat exchanger.  Uses the hot air from the four vacuum motors to heat the water to 140 degrees.  Our testing show temperature rises to a full 30 degrees over the tap water temperature.
  • 1750 watt electric heater (one third power cord - needs to be plugged into a seperature curcuit breaker - 15 amps needed).  High limit switch on heater is set to 200 degrees F. (Both heaters on the same machine for Complete Heat Technology)
  • Goliath has 2 power cords, one cord runs two vacuum motors (15 amps) + 3 amp pressure pump, the other power cord is 2 vacuum motors (15 amps) + auto dump pump 4 amps.  Electric heater cord is 1750 watts (15 amps).

    Valterra Gate Valve 1.5in Replacement Dump Valve H225 Drain Valve PX10  Factory Installed: Valterra Gate Valve 1.5in Replacement Dump Valve H225 Drain Valve PX10 
    Quad 2 Stage Max Vac Vacuum motors are mounted vertical for longer bearing life.
    Mytee LTD3, LTD5, LTD12 carpet cleaning machines 
    Unit Measurements:
     Handle height is 43-1/8". Machine dimensions" 43-1/8"H x 23"W x 30" L
    - Weight (assembled) = 150 lbs. w/out cords.

    Goliath Advantages:
1.  20 gallon recovery tank
2.  Auto defoamer needle valve
3.  2" vac port will run either 2" or 1-1/2" vacuum hose.  (2" hose recommended for hose lengths over 75 ft) Forum Discussion:  What is the recommend maximum length of hose I can use with my extractor?
4.  The highest lift and highest CFM extractor on the market.  Nothing comes close.  This machine is impressive when it comes to suction.  This machine will run longer hose lengths and dry carpet better than any other electric machine that is operating on two power cords.  At 42,500 vacuum units makes this the #1 strongest dual power corded vacuum machine on the market! (3rd power cord is just for the heater)
5.  Will operate on one, two or three power cords.  One 15 amp power cord, will operate on two 7 amp power cords, will operate on two 15 amp power cords, will operate on two 20 amp power cords.  Just turn off features in applications where you have less power available.
6.  Stainless steel dump valve is another industry first.  You will not be able to brake it or clog it or wear it out.
7.  Dual port water pump out discharge.  Choose between dumping out a garden hose or out a 1-1/2" vacuum hose, your choice.
8.  Switch plate cover will keep your water resistant switch covers in place.  Unlike some other brands the clear water protection cover can fall off once the machine gets old or if it gets knocked around.
9.  Non stop cleaning with auto fill and dump included. (can also clean by using sucking water out of buckets, trash can, or bath tub full of water)
10.  Hotter water than other portables.  Even without the added heater this machine was already cleaning with hotter water than other portables.  This is because other portables aerate the air and water together as you fill the fresh tank and then store the water in a fresh tank that farther cools down the temperature.  The Goliath takes hot water direct from the sink - boost the pressure- and temperature and puts it right on the carpet.  Heater does not use additional electricity to heat the water with the heat exchanger and then the hot water is then boosted by the 1750 watt electric heater.

Optional Extended Warranty (parts and labor fixed in your town)

Recommended Accessories Click here

Owner's Manual

These results were achieved with an open vacuum tank
flood pumper and portable electric truckmount  Goliath flood pumper extractor electrick portable truckmounted carpet cleaning machine
Dual discharge ported: Discharge though a garden hose (tile and carpet cleaning) or
through a 1-1/2" hose (floods and water extraction)
Your choice.

Color / Shade is not guaranteed.  The current color is Blue. 

Factory Installed Auto Defoamer with adjustment knob

auto defoamer for carpet cleaning machinesmade in the usa carpet cleaning machine

amtex portable electric truck mount mytee, edic, timbucktoo white magic hottest carpet cleaning portable


Belly-Mount Heater Exchanger info: 
Goliath exhaust motor air temperature after 5 minutes is 180 degree F.
Flow rate of pump is up to .72 Gpm or less.
Average incoming water temp from faucet is 110 degrees F.
Average temperature rise is 30 degree during use.
This feeds the pump with 140 degree water.
1750 watt Electric heater provides a last stage 20+ degree rise.
Maintain 160 degree water.

Receive half price shipping by picking up at SteamBrite San Antonio, TX 
Also availible in 230 volts for $350 extra + a two months lead time.

Which Goliath model is right for you?
Four different cleaning water pressure pressure options.
How much pressure do you want and do you want a heater installed?
1.  Synergistic Cleaning: The heated 1200 psi unit the pump and heater combo.  When using the heater, the pumps has to stay outside and you use the customer cold garden hose water. (Advantage: Most aggressive and fast cleaning for both carpet and tile cleaning.  Heats the water to 190 degrees from cold garden hose.  This is the only portable tile cleaning machine that heat water in the 450-1200 psi mode.)
2.  Synergistic Cleaning:  On the 1200 psi cold/warm Water Otter system:  Mates with the Goliath Flood pumper.   You take everything inside and use the customers hot water supply and clean with the water temperature that is provided by the building.  (Advantages: Pump fits on top of the Goliath during transport.  Easy to lift in an out of the service vehicle.  Quickly turns down to lower pressures for carpet and upholstery cleaning.)
3.  Their is also a 500 psi all-in-one machine that has an optional of a heat exchanger and optional electric heater.  Tile cleaning option can also be performed but you would have to purchase one of our 1200 to 1500 psi stand alone pumps.  (Advantage:  If all you ever going to do is carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, water extraction, and air duct cleaning, this option keeps the machine on two power cords and rolls in the building as one unit.)  You can clean tile with a 500 psi pump system, but you will have to prescrub the tile with a rotary floor machine.  In other words, you are using the 500 psi machines to rinse the floor as opposted to pressure washing the floor.
4.  High flow extraction cleaning.  This is where you use 65 psi building water pressure to clean but you change the jet on your cleaning wand/tools to a jet that is 3 times larger.  More water and less pressure. (Advantage: light weight, nothing to break, smallest investment.  Primarily used in apartment cleaning)
5.  Goliath 1500 psi All-In-One Tile Cleaning Unit:  The industries first All-In-One dual 3 stage 20 amp vacuum system with a 1500 psi pump installed under the hood.  Available heat exchanger also makes it the first heated all in one heated machine.  Please note that all other models of tile cleaning machines that heater installed under the hood turn off when you use the machine at pressures over 500 psi making them cold tile cleaning machines.  The Goliath 1500 HEATED uses the free energy of the vacuum exhaust to heat the water, uses a 25% stronger vacuum system and 25% faster cleaning with the larger pressure pump.
6.  Goliath Quad 6.6 with massive 50 amp vacuum system.  Requires four 15 amp breakers with 30 gpm auto dump.  Designed for 350 + feet hose runs.  Same vacuum as our 20 hp 3006 gasoline truckmounts. (TM2036)  Designed to be mated with heated pressure washers for synergistic cleaning.  Consumes 90% of the power available from an electric cloths drier outlet if you want to run on a single power cord. 

All models of Goliaths can do flood restoration and air duct cleaning.
Mytee Products LTD Portable Extractor
How does the Goliath heat exhanger compair to the Black Max heater?  Discussion board is listed at

This portable carpet cleaning machine is impressive.  I have not seen an portable in 30 years that works as well as this one does.
The design of this machine was first started because customer used to ask us "I want to purchase a portable and leave in the the truck.  What machine has enough power to do this?"  At the time none did.  Every issue was addressed in this design from:  
  • More heat:  Accomplished by direct connect (can be up to 15 degrees hotter than suction feed portables) to hot water supply and heat exchanger (free energy up to 30 degrees hotter than non heated machines).  Compare this to a traditional heated carpet machine, they usually only get a 20 degree rise on top of the starting water temperature because of all the loss of heat while the water is sitting in the fresh tank.  This machine is by far the hottest of all portables with 3 reasons.  Direct connect does not allow the water to cool down like suction feed, heat exchanger, and finally the traditional electric heater. Add them all up and up to a 70 degree temperature rise!
  • Less electricity:  accomplished by using a heat exchanger instead of traditional heating rod.  The number one reason portable trip breakers is because the heaters use a lot of electricity.  Once we found a system that heated water as well as any electric system, we can use more electricity for vacuum.  We all know that this is the most important thing to look for in an extractor.  Drier carpet lead to happier customers.
  • Less weight: No fresh water tank.  Why do you need one?  I cannot think of a single instance that you need a fresh water tank that cannot be replaced by just placing the connection hose in a bucket, bath tub, toilet tank, trash can...
  • The best vacuum possible for two power cords: We tested over a dozen different vacuum motors in different configuration, amp draw, cfm, inches of lift, series VS parallel.  This machine meet the best of inches of lift and cfm with the best heat for the heat exchanger.
  • Faster Cleaning by more water pressure:  Accomplished by direct-connect system.  Most suction feed machines have a huge pressure drop between use pressure and standby water pressure.  With the extra building pressure helping push on the water pressure the pumps last longer and just work better.
  • Summary: Faster Cleaning Accomplished by auto fill, auto dump, and more water actual water pressure while the cleaning tool is in use, better dry time, longer hose runs, larger auto dump to also do flood restoration, Zero clog dump valve, automatic defoaming, easier stair climbing.  The machine does not have to follow you around the house.  Set up in one place and just use extra hose.  This machine works with all power wands.  In the past power wands where only available to truckmounted carpet cleaning users.  The Goliath can operate the RX20, Rotovac, DriMaster, Hoss700, PEB, PowerMate, SpinMaster, etc...
Testimonial: "Yesterday I did a white carpet job and had to park in street used another 50’ of hose total of 165’ and saw no different in suctions. How many feet of hose can she handle 250’ maybe? I would love to have more hose to test her.  My Goliath never stops amaze me. Have great day, Vito"

Goliath Carpet Cleaning Machine
Starter packages available to clean
Air Ducts, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Water Extraction, Carpet Cleaning (either high flow and high pressure),
Auto Detailing, Mattress, Upholstery, and Drape Cleaning.
Turn your Goliath into the worlds strongest shop vac with
Options Below:
AH54 Ball Valve 1/4in Male X Female Pipe 1000 psi Chrome Plated   AH54 Ball Valve 1/4in Male X Female Pipe 1000 psi Chrome Plated 
Save trips back and forth to your carpet cleaning machine by installing a ball valve at the end of each solution hose.
Allows you to change tools quickly.
Toggle back and forth between pre-spraying with an injection sprayer or rinsing with a cleaning wand.

Clean Storm Goliath Dry Vacuum Option  Turn into the world's strongest dry shop vacuum:  Clean Storm Goliath Dry Vacuum Option 
Shazaam   Business Package   Shazaam: Business Starter Package   Shazaam: Business Starter Package 
Shower Hot Water Hook Up Kit   Shower Hot Water Hook Up Kit 

Carpet Cleaning Equipment Truckmount Truck Mount Truckmounted Extractor

Steambrite will ship the Clean Storm Goliath COMPLETE HEAT 20gal 500psi DUAL HEATED Four 2 Stage Vacs 14,000 BTU Heater Plus 1750 watt Heater Auto Fill Flood Pumper Auto Dump Hoses Wand [SBM-GO-D-CH Set] by either Fedex or Freight Quote, and will normally be shipped within 2-5 working days. Equipment small enough to be sent by Fedex should typically arrive within 3-5 business days after shipment. Large Equipment could take in excess of 6-8 working days to arrive after shipment, and ground shipping times are not guaranteed.
Next day, two day, and three day services are available.
Click here for our full shipping policy. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Steam Brite Inc shall have no obligation or liability to buyer whether arising in contract (including warranty) tart (including active, passive or imputed negligence) other otherwise for loss of use, revenue or profit, or any other incidental or consequential damages with respect to any non-conformance or defect in any items provided here under. You our customer agrees to indemnify Steam Brite Inc and to hold it harmless from and against any and all claims, cost, liabilities, damages and expenses, including attorney's fees, resulting from personal injury or property damaged caused by the Products.
Warranty Disclaimer: Buyer's sole and exclusive remedy for defects in the products shall be as provided in the manufactures's warranty and any other rights provided by law against the manufacturer. Steam Brite, Inc makes no other than as specified in this agreement. All other warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby disclaimed.

This product was added to our store on Tuesday 13 September, 2011.
Product Datasheet Click on the Acrobat Symbol to download this page as a PDF Document
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