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Villa 1000 Ozone Generator Odor Free Unit Villa100011US 86971280 [Villa100011US]

Your Price:  $271.07 
Part Number: Villa100011US
Estimated shipping cost: $ 21.00


 Villa 1000 Ozone Generator Unit Villa100011US

Treat Up to 4,000 Square Feet
Set Timer for Up to 12 Hours Select Hold for Longer Treatment
Dial to Select Ozone Level Comes complete with Plates and Filter
This Model is for Large Spaces
Factory Video

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Villa 1000 US 
odor free villa 1000 ozone generator features

Commercial Grade Cleaners

Odors develop from many sources and greatly impact the way a guest evaluates your facility.  From the carpet to the furniture, the basement to the bedroom, the restroom to the classroom, or the lobby to the dining room, unwanted odors can develop and harbor almost anywhere. And the way a place smells sends out a signal about the level of cleanliness.

With the OdorFree, there is no need to saturate the indoors with strong fragrances, which many guests find objectionable. Simply close off the area to be treated and let the OdorFree do its work. With the turn of a dial, it attacks odors at their source and leaves your space smelling fresh and clean.

The reason we call our product OdorFree is that the ozone (O3) is sent into the room, attacking odors at their source and eliminating them. It naturally dissipates in about an hour leaving only a clean, fresh smelling room.

This model has a variable output and a 1-12 hour timer that will turn the unit off automatically when the sanitizing is completed. The typical hotel or motel room can normally be treated in 15-30 minutes. There is also a “Hold” selection on the timer so the space can be sanitized for extended periods in order to eliminate deeply ingrained odors.

A good selection for Hotel and Motel Rooms, Nursing Home and Hospital Rooms, Rental Cars, Small Office Rooms, Cruise Ship Cabins and Small Boats.

Coverage:  Up to 4,000 Sq. Ft.
Timer:  1 - 12 hrs + continuous hold setting
Fan:  100 CFM
Volts: 110
Output:  1800 Mg/Hr
Plates:  3
Size:  7.5"H 9"W 12.5"D
Weight: 9.75 lbs
Warranty:  5 yr. commercial!


How it works-

Outdoors, nature eliminates odors and microorganisms using both UV light and O3. Indoors, most places that generate odors receive very little UV light or O3. The Odor-Free purifier creates O3, or ozone, in a special process that utilizes an electrical current. Ozone sanitizes by breaking down odors, microorganisms and other pollutants at their source.

Nature creates O3 as a natural cleaner during thunderstorms, and also from sunlight striking the earth’s atmosphere. As an example, we’ve all taken a walk after a thunderstorm and experienced the clean, fresh smell in the air. That's O3, or ozone, at work.

Normal oxygen (O2) is converted to O3, which is commonly called ozone. It reverts back to O2 in about an hour if the O3 is unused. This leaves the air fresh and clean, with no artificial odors, as nature intended. So the space becomes free of odors.

Employ the cleaning power of nature and create an outdoor fresh environment in your facility! 

I am a realtor and also manage rental property. We purchased the OdorFree to eliminate odors in the condominiums we rent near the University of Tennessee. It is amazing how effective the unit is at getting rid of smoke odor, pet odor, and just about anything else! I recently sold a 4,200 square foot home that had a stale, musty odor that actually came from underneath. All it took was one day in the house and one day in the crawl space, and odor was gone. All things being equal, a property that smells fresh sells a lot faster.

Dick Brower
Realty Executives
Knoxville, Tennessee

The OdorFree is great for removing odors after a smoker or a tenant with pets leaves us. It normally takes about one day to remove the smoke odor and a little longer to remove a pet smell. We even had a deceased tenant that was only discovered until a week later. After three days of ozone treatment the Odor-Free had totally removed all the odors.

Susan Saenz
Heritage Park Apartments
Denison, Texas

There was a fire in one of our cabins recently. The OdorFree really did away with the lingering smoke smell. The cabins also develop a musty odor at times. After we treat a unit with the ozone generator the musty smell is totally gone, and the next guest is much happier. The product lived up to claims and we couldn't be more pleased!

David Hottel
Pine Ridge Campground
Roebuck, South Carolina

Our cafe develops a residual odor that builds up from cooking and moisture. We turn the OdorFree on at night and the place smells really fresh in the morning. There are no more complaints from customers or neighbors. You have a well built product that is very convenient to use.

Anthony Rixner
M's Café & Coffee
New Orleans, LA

We use ozone generators when a hotel room has smoke odors, and the OdorFree eliminates them in short order. The hotel staff really appreciates this particular ozone generator because it is simple to operate and so easy to maintain. I am transferring to another Hilton property in about eight weeks and will be placing another order with OdorFree to eliminate hotel room odor there.

Bill Simmons
Hilton Garden Inn
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The OdorFree works fantastic! Our cat sometimes feels the need to mark its territory. We tried all kinds of deodorizers and products that were supposed to get rid of pet odors, but were never satisfied. We found that the OdorFree does not mask the odors, it destroys them. We tell all our friends with house pets about it.

Duane Thompson 
Harpers Ferry, Virginia

Our office developed a very bad mildew odor and I was getting headaches almost every day. After treatment with the OdorFree, the smell is completely gone and so are my headaches.

Anne Tyler
Hayward Tyler Pump Co.
Colchester VT

We manage two low income housing units that often have smoke odor and cooking odors that can be difficult to get rid of. The OdorFree really works and makes cleanup a lot easier when an apartment turns over. We find it very effective on the bathroom odor as well. I even carried it home to treat an antique hutch that was purchased from a smoker, and it promptly took care of that smoke odor too.

Deb Davis
Subsidized Housing Manager
Fort Dodge, Iowa

The basement in our house developed a damp and musty smell. The OdorFree got rid of the smell and now we can enjoy using our basement again. I didn't know that ozone generators could be so effective on mold until a friend told me about them. We also run the OdorFree upstairs on occasion to keep the main part of the house smelling fresh and clean. Great service from the company too!

Forrest Deets
Port Ewen, New York


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This product was added to our store on Friday 29 April, 2016.
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