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CFR 10425A Cascade 20 Self Propelled Steambrite Package 10416A Hose Set 2 Wands Training 3 Yr Repair Protection OZONE ASSIST 400psi 3 Stage Vacs Freight Included [10425A]

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Part Number: 10425A

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Introducing CFR's Cascade 20
Full Size Cleaning System 10416A
Innovative technology built into a mid-size
cleaning system that out cleans conventional
extractors with CFR’s patented continuous
flow cleaning method.

The Cascade 20 is the ultimate in productivity combined with CFR’s unique cleaning technology. Not only does it clean more square feet per hour than any other mid-size extractor, it also removes more soil from the carpet. With a run time of over an hour between refills, the Cascade 20 has a productivity rating of 8,000 square feet per hour. All other mid-size extractors pale in comparison, refilling their tanks once, twice or more. CFR’s 20 gallon system out performs units twice its size. The Cascade 20 is available as a self contained work station or in a Pro version both for use with wand and hand tools.

Whether it is being used for interim or restorative cleaning, the Cascade 20 corded, 

self-propelled walk-behind unit tops the industry in productivity. Featuring a 20” 

cleaning path and its moisture-controlled technology, the Cascade 20 allows carpets 

to dry faster. Carpets are healthy and dry in half the time of a conventional 

extractor, which means your space is ready for immediate use. 
2019 Factory Brochure


 cam shell design allow for easy service cfr cascade 20  cfr cascade 20 controls          
The Cascade 20 is designed to safely clean and maintain both large and small carpeted areas. It is a high efficiency, self propelled, walk-behind, single pass cleaning system. The high volume P20 delivers cleaning solution at 400 p.s.i. and is a total cleaning system for carpet, upholstery, fabric wall panels and hard surfaces.

At 400 p.s.i. and 1.3 gallons per minute the P20 is the new standard for portable cleaning systems on the market. It is designed to provide unmatched carpet, upholstery, hard surface cleaning and restoration. It is specially designed to clean virtually every surface in a building including modular office panels, fabric covered walls, grouted tile, marble and vinyl wall coverings to name a few.

The unique CFR technology provides total solution control. The cleaning fluid never rests on the carpet. The Cascade 20’s patented cleaning tools controls the solution at all times. Solution is injected with air at a very high velocity. It passes through the carpet fibers and is pulled into the tank. This unique solution control system simply means drying times are cut to a fraction of conventional machines.
large area carpet cleaning safe carpet cleaning

Model Self Propelled  
Tank Capacity 25 gal  
Max p.s.i. 400  
Adjustable p.s.i. yes  
Vacuum Motors 3 stage  
Operating Amps 15  
Water Lift 130"  
CFM 92  
Tool Attachments yes  
Cleaning Path 20"  
Drain Hose yes  
Power Cord pigtail/75'  
Self-Propelled yes  
Width 24"  
Height 43"  
Length 45"  
Weight 202  
Warranty 5/1 yrs  

 Machine only shipping weight 280 lbs. 

Whether it is being used for interim or restorative cleaning, the Cascade (400 p.s.i) 25 gallon unit tops the industry in productivity. 
Cascade will clean a 4,200 square foot area in restorative (deep cleaning) mode in one hour. The competition? Two and a half hours or more.
Cascade has one of the fastest dry times in the industry. Carpets are healthy and dry in half the time of a conventional extractor, which means your space is ready for immediate use.

Steam Brite Supply Exclusive Package Includes:

Extended Warranties for Equipment Valued up to 7499.99 Available Warranty FREE Extended Warranties for Equipment Valued up to 7499.99 Available Warranty
Piece of mind knowing your investment is protected by SteamBrite's exclusive warranty

We take the factory 1 year warranty and add two more years!
The extended warranty (extra 2 years) covers parts, on site labor, shipping, what ever it needs!
(Cleaning and maintenance excluded) 
That is right: we will send the repair tech to your home, office or job site for repairs!
This makes the Cleaners Priority Service a more robust warranty than the factory warranty!


-Training DVD Package of 3: Covers the basics a Cleaner needs to know FREE-Training DVD Package of 3: Covers the basics a Cleaner needs to know

Spend 4.5 hours with IICRC Certified Master Cleaner and Master Restoration Tech from Steam Brite Supply 

-Clean Storm Hose Set 50ft (15 meters) x 1-1/2 in ID Vacuum & 1/4in Solution FREE-Clean Storm Hose Set 50ft (15 meters) x 1-1/2 in ID Vacuum & 1/4in Solution

Clean the stair case, clean bath rooms, clean upholstery, clean cars, even clean and upstairs hall way without moving your machine!
Perfect for those tight, hard to reach areas. 

Westpak 10-1455 Carpet Cleaning Wand 12in 1.5"Pipe 2 Jet 1200psi Valve Double Bend AW29 FREE Westpak 10-1455 Carpet Cleaning Wand 12in 1.5"Pipe 2 Jet 1200psi Valve Double Bend AW29

The carpet cleaning industries most popular carpet cleaning wand
Spray jets changed out to 11001 size


Shazaam: Kryptonium - 1 Gallon High ph Degreaser FREE Shazaam: Kryptonium - 1 Gallon High ph Degreaser

Pros Choice: Foam Kill - 1 Gallon Defoamer FREE Pros Choice: Foam Kill - 1 Gallon Defoamer

Free Phone Swipe, Pay as you go Credit Card Processing for Carpet Cleaner Start ups Free Phone Swipe, Pay as you go Credit Card Processing for Carpet Cleaner Start ups

Free shipping
Free equipment
No monthly fee
Cheaper than Square and PayPal to use!

PMF Internal Spray 3.5" Wide 1.5"Pipe 500psi Plastic Clear Head Stainless Steel Lips With Filter and Male QD Wand Package Free PMF Internal Spray 3.5" Wide 1.5"Pipe 500psi Plastic Clear Head Stainless Steel Lips With Filter and Male QD Wand Package

lean cars, furniture, walls, and mattresses!
Cleans both directions, zero over spray, zero splashing, designed for high pressure, high speed cleaning!

What does CFR mean?  Continuous Flow Recirulation:  
Let CFR's Revolutionary Carpet Extractors:
  * Reduce Dumps and Refills by Recycling
    Solution up to 7 times!
  * Control Moisture Through Our Unique
    Moisture-Controlled Atomization Process
  * Improve Carpet Dry-Times with Superior
    Moisture Recovery
  * Dramatically Reduce Cleaning Costs
Reduced labor cost
Reduced chemical cost

Moisture-controlled cleaning systems meet requirements of the U.S. Green
Building Council LEED E-B.
.Owners Manual 

Full Line Cataloge

CFR Maintenance Schedule

About Us - Overview

CFR designs and manufactures a complete range of eco-friendly carpet cleaning systems and high performance specialty tools with innovative patented technology that is radically different from other cleaning systems. Continuous Flow Recycling (CFR) technology provides superior moisture-controlled cleaning, faster dry times and increased cleaning productivity that is unmatched by standard carpet extractors on the market today.  Through a state-of-the-art recycling filtration system, coupled with moisture-controlled atomization wand technology to minimize carpet moisture, CFR is the greenest carpet cleaning system in the industry today. 

Developed for carpet cleaning professionals, by carpet cleaning professionals, CFR’s machines are created to maximize cleaning efficiency and speed, minimize the impact of cleaning on indoor environments, and reduce the total cost of cleaning - all factors resulting in greater profitability for your organization.  CFR’s unique products tackle the cleaning and environmental challenges faced in a variety of facilities including:

  • Hospitality
  • Health care
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Food Service
  • Building Service Contractors (BSC)
  • Government
  • Transportation

Commitment to Sustainability

As an organization, we are deeply committed to creating a clean, safe and healthy workplace through the use of innovative cleaning technology developed to minimize the impact of cleaning on indoor and outdoor environments. CFR embraces core ecological and corporate values including water conservation, less use of harsh chemicals, improvement of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) through the use of HEPA filtration and advanced infiltration systems, and the use of components that are reusable and recyclable.  CFR proudly supports the standards and criteria established by the U.S. Green Building Council - LEED, The Carpet and Rug Institute’s (CRI) Green Label Certification program, among others.  

CFR strives to bring the best and brightest minds in the cleaning and maintenance industry to bear on our customer's problems. To enhance our ability to deliver on this commitment, CFR has augmented our resources by:

  • Strategically aligning with green cleaning industry experts, who are at the forefront of development of governmental processes and regulations regarding green cleaning in the JanSan industry. CFR employs nationally recognized speakers and in topics ranging from environmental sustainability, cleaning system design, motivation, leadership, facility management and indoor air quality (IAQ).
  • Joining the U.S. Green Building Council. This council is a community of business leaders working together to transform the way buildings and communities are built and designed through the use of environmentally responsible solutions. These solutions include the use of CFR's innovative cleaning technology to enhance indoor and outdoor environments as well as the health of building occupants and workers. What's more is that end-users of CFR's products gain LEEDS. credits to help certify their building as "green" and to enhance indoor environmental quality (IEQ).
  • Achieving industry leading certifications such as: Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) certification for our upright vacuums to ensure the delivery of enhanced IAQ and IEQ; and achieving a "best in class" rating in an independent test conducted by a leading carpet manufacturer, for 9 of 10 CFR products tested. Delivering continuous product innovation, such as cylindrical brush technology and green cleaning solutions to meet your toughest cleaning and maintenance challenges. CFR leads the way on many industry initiatives. As an example, the company is widely known as the leader in cylindrical brush floor machines and automatic scrubbers.
  • Partnering with a strong network of national distributors who provide in-depth product knowledge and maintenance service capabilities. CFR and our distributors utilize a best practice, industry-leading maintenance application to ensure accuracy on service and parts needs. Distributors are empowered with immediate, finger-tip access to information on machine specifications, product parts, user manuals, maintenance tips, warranty details, and much more.  
Made in America

CFR equipment is manufactured in America from our state-of-the-art manufacturing, engineering and product development facility is located in Fort Worth Texas. This facility houses product development and engineering as well.

The Greenest Carpet Line in the Industry
The Only Extractors that Recycle Water and Solution to Protect Resources

Moisture-Controlled Wand Technology

CFR incorporates moisture-controlled atomization technology within the extraction wand and hand-tools to provide another way to control and minimize water that comes in contact with the carpet.  A Rapid Recovery Atomization process occurring within the wand recovers up to 50% more than traditional extraction tools, cleaning and recovering solution all in one step to ensure that moisture never rests on the carpet or backing. The atomized, high-speed cleaning solution works as an agitator, deep-cleaning the fibers without damaging the carpet, leaving carpets and backing far less saturated so they can dry quickly.   


Four-Level Recycling Filtration

CFR's revolutionary recycling process is greener than any other traditional extractor on the market today.  Once solution has traveled through the carpet and is suctioned back into the patented vacuum shoe, the solution travels through a four-level recycling filtration process to trap heavy and fine debris.  Not only do you reduce your dump and refill time, labor, cost and machine down-time are minimized.

The Results?

With CFR, you will immediately realize benefits including:

  • Recover up to 50% more than traditional extractor tools and wands;
  • Consume 1/7th of the water and chemical;
  • Minimize development of mold, fungus and allergens in carpets for improved indoor air quality;
  • Increase cleaning productivity through less dumping and refilling of tanks;
  • Deliver faster drying times so your space is clean, dry and ready for immediate use;
  • Clean carpeting, upholstery and even fabric partitions better than conventional extractors;
  • Improve the health of your building and its occupants.

Health Benefits



Traditional carpet extractors can leave behind excessive moisture during the extraction process that generates mold and mildew, damages carpet, and takes longer to dry. With CFR's moisture-controlled technology, you reduce health and safety issues and the development of mold, bacteria and allergens in carpets to provide improved indoor air quality and less complications from allergy and asthma for building occupants. What's more, CFR's exclusive Enviro-chemicals pending DfE recognition, reduce the impact of the use of harsh chemicals in your facility during the cleaning process, creating a safer and healthier indoor setting.

  • Less than 1% of the Earth's water is available for human use.
  • The average person in the U.S. uses 150 gallons of water per day to sustain their lifestyle, while in many 
    places around the world, people struggle to find 5 gallons a day.
  • Lack of sanitation and clean water is the word's biggest cause of infection.
  • 50% of all schools in the world don't have access to clean, safe water.
  • Each year, 443 million school days are lost around the world due to lack of clean water and sanitation.
  • Nearly 1 billion people, approximately one in eight people in this world, lack access to clean water, and half of them are children.
  • Approximately 4,000 children worldwide die every day of water-related disease.

The JanSan industry plays an integral role in transforming the way we clean, evolving the focus from facility appearance, to a new focus on facility health and environmental responsibility.

Evolution to Responsible Cleaning

In the past, the cleaning industry had little regard for the environmental impacts of cleaning. An over-abundance of water and chemicals have been used to clean floors and carpets, creating high levels of water waste. This water, chock-full of caustic chemical, has been poured directly onto floors, carpets, and also into sewer drains, contaminating our planet's fresh water resources as a result. 

At CFR, we care about creating clean and healthy indoor environments, while conserving our planet's natural resources. Our innovative and patented recycling filtration and moisture-controlled technology transforms the way we clean today, changing carpet care forever. Choose CFR for its superior cleaning technology, and because you care about cleaning in an environmentally responsible manner.

Evolution to Responsible Equipment Purchasing

Products and commercial cleaning products and equipment account for 50% of the overall environmental impact when cleaning. That's why in addition to being socially responsible, businesses have an obligation to select products and equipment that reduces waste and protects the health of humans and the environment. This concept is known as the "Triple Bottom Line", taking into account (1) people, (2) products and (3) the environment whenmaking purchases for your business. 

Purchasing Managers should evaluate products and equipment by a product's ability to meet the 
following criteria:

  • price competitiveness
  • product functionality
  • environmental features



About Us - Savings

Do More With Less.
Less Labor. Less Dumps and Refills. Less Water Waste.

Labor is the single greatest expense facing in-house service providers and building service contractors. And in an era of ever-tightening budgets, custodial supervisors and managers are being asked to "do more with less" and maintain larger floor areas with less staff. The Cascade 20 cleaning system not only consumes fewer cleaning resources and labor, it extends the need for restorative cleaning cycles and delivers superior results. Cascade 20 enables you to:

  • reduce the cost of cleaning for your organization;
  • dramatically increase the life-cycle of your carpet;
  • minimize time spent on dumps and refills;
  • conserve water, chemical and enhance your green cleaning program; 
  • minimize fungus, bacteria, viruses and pollen which can cause odors in carpets;
  • reduce worker injuries and compensation claims.
Clean Storm Grout Master Cleaning Tool 300psi - 1200 psi  20190919 Wand  Optional
Clean Storm Grout Master Cleaning Tool 300psi - 1200 psi 20190919 Wand 
For the first time in history, pressure wash tile and grout with a standard 500 psi portable carpet cleaning machine.
No high pressure pump required.
Watch Video On Link!
Link Manufacturing Ramps: LB10 Series Bifold Ramp 24x90   Link Manufacturing Ramps: LB10 Series Bifold Ramp 24x90 

  CFR questions and answers:

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