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Century 400 Portable Extractors
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Ninja Portable Extractor
  • HOUSING Rotational Molded Polyethylene
  • H 36 X L 26 X W 17.5 only 68lb.s +
  • CAPACITY 11 gallon solution11 gallon recovery
  • MOBILITY 4in font casters 8in rear dolly wheel
  • HANDLES Front grab handle rear dolly handle
  • PUMP Diaphragm demand 100 psi optional pumps
  • VACUUM Dual two stage 150 water lift optional vacs
  • WEIGHT Machine only 68 lbs weight may vary
  • HOSE SET High pressure double lined grade 25 ft length
  • WAND double bend double jet stainless steel 12 inch
  • PUMP 100 psi demand by Flo-Jet or 200 and 500 psi available


  • VACUUM Dual three stage vacuums
  • HEATER Internal inline heater provides up to 200 degree F
  • HOSES Solution high pressure 15 25 and 50 ft lengths vac hose is available in same lengths in double lined truckmount grade 1.5 inch
  • TOOLS Upholstery tool stair tool auto detail tool
  • All Ninjas listed above include a double bend double jet 12in stainless steel floor wand 25 ft vacuum hose set and all Brass quick disconnects Deduct $150 if no hose set or wand is included

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    Diamondback Portable Extractor
  • Rotational molded polyethylene housing
  • 17 gallon solution and 15 gallon recovery tanks
  • 4" front casters / 8" rear dolly wheel (for stair climbing ease)
  • Front grab handle / rear dolly handle
  • Pump: Diaphragm demand / 100 psi
  • Dual 2-stage vacuum / 150" water lift
  • Weight starts at 70 lbs, but will vary based on the options you choose
  • 18" x 26" x 36" in size
  • Vacuum and solution hose set included / 25' length
  • Dual jet S-bend stainless steel wand included

  • Extra Options:
  • Vacuum: Dual 3-Stage Vacuum
  • Heater: Internal in-line, up to 200-degrees F.
  • Tools: Upholstery, stair, auto detail tool
  • Pump: 100 or 200 PSI external w/ adjustable pressure
  • 220 Volt available

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    Sensei Portable Extractor
    Professional Carpet Cleaning Extractor The 6 gallon Sensei offers a variety of options to meet the needs of commercial carpet cleaners, auto detailers, and the rental market.

  • Fold Down Handle
  • Fits into trunk of Car
  • Built-in Float shut-off
  • Housing: Rotational Molded Polyethylene (Lifetime Warranty)
  • Capacity.....6 Gallon Solution, up to 330 sqft.
  • Pump 50 PSI Shurflo
  • Vacuum 2 and 3 Stage Ametek.
  • Waterlift 120"
  • Weight 60 Lbs.
  • Hose Set 25' Solution and Vacuum.
  • Dimensions With handle folded 28"H x 16"W x 20"D, With handle upright 36"H x 16"W x 20"D.

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