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HydroForce Kool Glide Pro Seam Iron Ultimate Spotting Package and Carpet Repair Kit [AK090]

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Part Number: AK090
Estimated shipping cost: $ 27.00


Everything you need to professionally repair seams, cigarette burns and remove impossible fibers in an easy care carry bag.

AK086A - Kool Glide Pro Seaming Iron
AK088 - Kool Tape – 20’ (uncoated)
AK004 - Seam Roller 5”
AK084 - Cookie Cutter
AC23 - Duckbill Napping Shears
AX82 - Soft Side Bag Hydroforce

KOOL Glide Pro Seam Iron  
KoolGlide Pro - Carpet Seaming Tool - an entirely new way to seam carpet! There's no carpet damage due to heat, there is no odor; there is great adhesion and it's simple to learn and use! The PRO tool that has the L-M-H (LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH) settings activated for seaming carpet over wood and bare concrete.

(For use with Kool Tape, Item No. AK088 seaming tape)


  • Clean, fast adhesion at the push of a button
  • Bonding on demand in seconds
  • No smoke, no carpet damage or discoloration
  • A powerful bond that can be removed minutes or years later, for easy repair or on-site rework

The KoolGlide is a light, handheld electric tool that melts adhesive using a pre-programmed heating cycle, controlled by a state-of-the-art microprocessor. Precise amounts of adhesive and tightly controlled heating provide for a consistent low-profile seam.

  • No waiting for the tool to heat up
  • The tool never gets hot, so there's no danger of burns to the operator
  • The tool never touches the adhesive, so there's no messy cleanup
  • No fumes in the operator's face
  • No carpet discoloration



Why Use the KOOLGLIDE Carpet Seaming System?

The patented KOOLGLIDE® Carpet Seaming System has many advantages over conventional hot iron systems. Check these out!

  • Easy to use: the KOOLGLIDE tool can be used in either direction and is as simple to operate as pushing a button
  • No waiting: there’s no heat up nor cool down time required
  • Stop and restart seaming without harm to the carpet by simply removing the tool from the seam to stop the tool from melting the tape adhesive
  • Fast seaming rate of 5 ft. per minute – as fast or faster than a conventional hot iron
  • Clean installation: the KOOLGLIDE System is designed so that the tool melts the tape adhesive without direct contact
  • No heat: the KOOLGLIDE tool does not get hot thanks to its induction technology design
  • No smoke, no odor: induction heating is invisible and does not generate smoke or odor
  • Re-do a seam at any time simply by reactivating the KOOLGLIDE tool
  • No carpet damage or discoloration from overheating the carpet; there is a precise amount of energy delivered equally on each activation of the tool to melt the low melt adhesive
  • Doorways and end of seams made easy; no dragging a hot iron up the wall
  • The KOOLGLIDE System can be used on any type of commercially available carpet backing including actionbac, softbac, Axminster, Wilton, unitary latex, and Karastan
  • Pattern matching is easy: no stay nails, no fighting the pattern as the seam is made

KOOLGLIDE… quite simply a better carpet installation system…


The KOOLGLIDE System - A Better Way

The KOOLGLIDE® System is a totally new way to install carpet and other flooring materials.  With KOOLGLIDE you remotely activate a hot-melt adhesive tape.  Through the remote activation  many of the problems of the 30-year-old hot iron method are eliminated.  The KOOLGLIDE System works on carpet, wood and tile, giving you better quality and lower cost installation. The KOOLGLIDE system is safe, green and easy to use.  That’s why major carpet mills, trainers, retailers and top installers endorse KOOLGLIDE installation.

What makes KOOLGLIDE cool?

KOOLGLIDE installation is good for the installer, the retailer and most of all, the flooring buyer. Unlike the hot Iron, the KOOLGLIDE never touches the melting glue or the material to be attached.

Remote heating - KOOLGLIDE works on a principle called induction heating to remotely heat the tape.  Induction heating uses a radio frequency energy field to induce current flow in the foil that is layered in the special tape.  This causes the tape to heat up quickly which then activates the adhesive.

Smart tool - KOOLGLIDE gives you consistent seaming.  That's because a microprocessor runs the tool.  This microprocessor calculates the carpet thickness then puts out exactly the right amount of heat so that you get consistent melting without burning the glue or backing.  You always get just the right amount of heat.

Universal-adhesive - The KOOLGLIDE tape is special too because our exclusive, low melt formula works on all backings - actionbac, softbac, Axminster - the KOOLGLIDE works on all of them.

Great for carpet, hardwood, laminate, ceramic tile and many other flooring materials - While the original KOOLGLIDE excelled in only carpet seaming, new features and new tapes now let you use this tool for many blind fastening jobs.  How about using utility tape for securing the first course in hardwood and laminate flooring?  Or simple tile back splash?  Or stair treads? The utility tape lets you use the KOOLGLIDE for many applications.

Note: The KOOLGLIDE is not suitable for structural applications and it is not a moisture barrier, so always test the application first. These ideas should not be considered a specification for any specific application.


The customer wins!

No smoke, no odor, better looking installation... that's why the carpet buyer wins.

The one who benefits most from the KOOLGLIDE installation is the customer.  Here's how:

  • KOOLGLIDE installation is green installation.  Traditional, hot iron installation fills the room with smoke. This smoke comes from burnt adhesive from the seaming tape.  Often, this burnt glue continues to build up and burn each time the tool is heated. And this smoke is filled with irritants such as acetic acid, ketones, aldehydes, carbon monoxide, olefinic and paraffinic compounds, alcohols and vinyl acetate. I n fact, people with breathing, allergy and heart problems should not be exposed to this smoke which is similar to smoke from a burning tire. Since the KOOLGLIDE never touches the glue, this stinky, irritating smoke is gone.
  • You get better quality, flatter seams.  Because the KOOLGLIDE tape is so flat, problems with the tape showing through ("telegraphing") are reduced. Also, reducing the heat reduces heat damage to the backings and yarn, a major cause of seam problems. Finally, when used with the KOOLGLIDE seam sealer, the KOOLGLIDE System virtually eliminates seam peaking.
  • KOOLGLIDE is the only tool to use for pattern matching. That's because you can "tack” the seam in place before actually finishing the seam.  Once the seam looks perfect, go back and run it.
  • Easy repair!  If the installer does have to return because of a seam problem it's so easy to fix. Just activate the tool, re-melt the adhesive from the top of the carpet and fix it. No moving furniture... no taking up the carpet… no removing the tape from the back... it just takes minutes.


If the customer wins, the retailer wins!

When customers buy new carpet they are also buying the installation service. Quality installation can make the difference between success and failure in the carpet business. Giving your customers quality, smoke free, odor free installations improves customer satisfaction and builds business.

Fewer callbacks and easier repairs also mean less hassle for the customers and lower cost for the retailer.

The installer is the biggest winner of all

KOOLGLIDE installation costs less! And you're not breathing smoke all day.

The KOOLGLIDE tape costs a little more but KOOLGLIDE installations costs less. That's because of all the hidden costs of hot iron installation. For example, 2  guys waiting for the iron to heat up and cool down costs an estimated 1/2 man hours or about $7.50. KOOLGLIDE pattern matching takes 1 person, verses 2 with an iron, a savings of about $15 per job. And a repair - it's not uncommon for a repair to take 7 man-hours or more. Here is a table provided by carpet installers showing the kind of savings you can get with a  KOOLGLIDE installation. This table shows over a $100 savings repairing a seam made to a KOOLGLIDE installation as compared to using the hot iron.

With KOOLGLIDE everyone wins. The installer can do a better job and save money; the customer gets a better installation and no one has to breathe stinky smoke; and the retailer wins because the customer is satisfied.


What is Induction Heating?

KOOLGLIDE Science - the world's most efficient induction heating machine

Induction heating is a non-contact heating method that employs the physical concept of magnetic induction first described in the late 1800's by Michael Faraday and later formalized by James Clerk Maxwell in his famous Laws of Electromagnetism.  The basic principle is that a magnetic field can produce an electric field in a nearby conductive material.  The magnetic field is said to induce the electric field.  The resulting current flow can heat the conductive materials, just as current flow heats the wires in a household toaster.  This process is termed induction heating.

Induction heating is an efficient method of heating and is used in many large-scale industrial applications, including metal casting, brazing, soldering and the melting of adhesives.  The big drawback of induction is that up until now, the equipment has been large, expensive and complicated to use effectively and safely.  Consequently, induction heating has primarily been confined to large-scale, stationary industrial applications. 


Sinch Technology:  Induction Heating for the Masses

Sinch Technology® makes induction heating practical with the world's first miniature, hand-held unit that can be safely applied to a range of everyday applications.  This miniaturized induction heating process enables, for the first time, the development of induction heating tools for common commercial applications.

The heart of this invention is the system's innovative micro-processing capabilities.  The patented on-board microprocessor enables the pre-programming of various performance and safety parameters, unique to each application, into tools built around Sinch Technology. There are currently 16 U.S. patents on the Sinch Technology and numerous international patents.


KOOLGLIDE:  The First Commercial Product using Sinch Technology

This technology represents a revolutionary step forward over the hot iron it replaces for carpet installation.  Here's how it works.  The tool rests on top of the carpet and uses a standard household electrical supply to develop an electric field in a drive coil located in the tool.  The associated magnetic field induces a current in a special hot melt tape placed beneath the carpet.   The induced current heats the tape, causing the surrounding adhesive to melt and flow into the carpet backing to form a strong, durable bond. 

Because of the internal microprocessor, this smart tool senses the presence of an underlying tape and the distance to the tape, then automatically calculates the energy settings for the application.   Since the tape placed beneath the carpet is the only component of the KOOLGLIDE Carpet Seaming System that is heated, the user no longer faces exposure to a 350 degree iron or molten glue.  Also, the computer-generated tape design optimizes the adhesive melting pattern producing strong reliable bonds while overcoming the visible seams characteristic of hot iron carpet seaming.  

To use the Kool Glide Carpet Seam Iron, you can ONLY use the "Kool Tape" seam tape with it.

Carpet Cleaning Equipment Truckmount Truck Mount Truckmounted Extractor

Steambrite will ship the HydroForce Kool Glide Pro Seam Iron Ultimate Spotting Package and Carpet Repair Kit [AK090] by either Fedex, UPS, USPS, or Freight Quote, and will normally be shipped within 2-5 business days (if in stock). Equipment small enough to be sent by ground should typically arrive within 3-5 business days after shipment. Large Equipment could take in excess of 6-8 working days to arrive after shipment, and ground shipping times are not guaranteed. Special order, or custom build items may take up to 30 days.
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Steam Brite Inc shall have no obligation or liability to buyer whether arising in contract (including warranty) tart (including active, passive or imputed negligence) other otherwise for loss of use, revenue or profit, or any other incidental or consequential damages with respect to any non-conformance or defect in any items provided here under. You our customer agrees to indemnify Steam Brite Inc and to hold it harmless from and against any and all claims, cost, liabilities, damages and expenses, including attorney's fees, resulting from personal injury or property damaged caused by the Products.
Warranty Disclaimer: Buyer's sole and exclusive remedy for defects in the products shall be as provided in the manufactures's warranty and any other rights provided by law against the manufacturer. Steam Brite, Inc makes no other than as specified in this agreement. All other warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby disclaimed.

This product was added to our store on Friday 12 July, 2013.
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