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Chemspec OdorX Combination Pet Treatment Kit Gallon Plus Urinse Gallon Un-Duz-It 20150714 [20150714]

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Tackle Pet Odors with the ODORx Combination
We all love summer, but summer's heat and humidity can amplify urine odors and even reactivate old stains. That's because warm, humid weather triggers bacterial growth from urine residue; that, in turn, leads to stronger and more persistent odors. As the temperature rises, remind customers that they can tackle a wide-array of urine odors with ODORx® Urinse and Un-Duz-It. With the products' new lower MSRP that translates into a business opportunity for you and your customers.
For example, nursing homes, kennels, residences and trauma scenes are all places where urine residue can reactivate unpleasant odors. Another factor is that the urine residues become more alkaline and less soluble as they age. This alkalinity can attack certain textile dyes and the poor water solubility makes removal more challenging.
ProRestore's Urinse and Un-Duz-It work together as a two-part system specifically designed to control these pesky odors.
Getting Started
The first step is to find the source of the odor. Sometimes it's easy - you just follow the scent (and look for a stain). Other times, certain tools make the search easier. Professional cleaners can do a building survey with a portable UV (blacklight). When used in a properly darkened room, the UV light will cause the urine residues to glow pale blue-green. In humid climates, urine salts left behind attract moisture from the environment. The Dri-Eaz Hydrosensor can pick up that moisture and emit a beeping sound when urine is present. However, Hydrosensors may not locate urine reside as efficiently in very dry climates, because there may not be enough moisture to register a "beep."
Tackling Urine Odors - Prespray
Once the cleaner identifies the trouble spots, next he or she uses Urinse Pre-Spotter as an acidic pretreatment. That's because as urine residues become less water soluble, they also become more acid soluble. Urinse is a highly effective acidic (pH 2.2) cleaning and urine decontamination treatment for soft surfaces such as carpets and rugs as well as upholstery, draperies, bedding, mattresses and clothing. Urinse also has proven effectiveness on hard surfaces such as painted walls, floors and subfloors.
Urinse is very cost-effective: 8 oz. Urinse + 120 oz. warm water = 1 gallon of ready-to-use (RTU) solution. For heavily soiled areas with very strong odor levels: 24 oz. Urinse + 104 oz. warm water = 1 gallon of solution. 
Remind your customers to test the solution in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness or shrinkage before extensive application.
Application is easy:
  1. Liberally spray or pour RTU Urinse solution on all contaminated areas and backing materials. Urinse must penetrate to the same depth that the urine has.
  2. Work the solution into the surface with a soft bristle brush or towel.
  3. Allow 5-15 minutes of dwell time. Do not let the solution dry completely.
  4. Rinse thoroughly with clean water followed by extraction or blotting.
This process will usually remove most urine odor and stains. If Urinse solves the problem, then simply use air movers to dry the treated area quickly and completely, and you are done.
Tackling Urine Odors - Getting the Source
If some odors or stains remain following Urinse treatment, then Un-Duz-It is the next step in the odor control system. Un-Duz-It is an excellent companion product to use with Urinse. Un-Duz-It uses bio-enzymes as catalysts to break down organic odors and stains. Simply put, once activated by moisture, good bacteria produce bio-enzymes that break down the urine contaminant residue.
Tell your customers not to mix Un-Duz-It with any other product. And if they are putting down a microbial treatment as part of a restoration job, they should be sure to wait, because the antimicrobial might destroy the good bacteria in Un-Duz-It. For this same reason, Un-Duz-It works best when kept in and applied from a dedicated container or spraying system to reduce the chance of cross-contamination.
Its application is also very easy:
  1. Shake the Un-Duz-It concentrate well.
  2. Mix with warm water based on the odor level following the Urinse treatment. Mix Un-Duz-It at 1 part Un-Duz-It to 3 parts water. A mixture of 1 quart of Un-Duz-It to 3 quarts of water is convenient.
  3. Wipe, pour or spray Un-Duz-It RTU on surfaces with the same level of surface penetration as the original urine amount.
  4. Allow Un-Duz-It to remain on the area for a minimum of 60 minutes. The bacteria need time to grow and release their bio-enzymes which in turn need time to attack the organic odor source. The RTU solution should be used within 24 hours of mixing.
As with Urinse, it's important to establish good drying conditions after the recommended dwell time.
Benefits for You and Your Customers
Urinse and Un-Duz-It work together to remove urine odors and stains - they are an extremely effective team! Drive sales of these two great products by helping customers see how they can use them for new or add on business - it's good for you and for them. Urine problems generate negative reactions in both home and commercial settings and occupants are very motivated to remove those odors. The dynamic duo of Urinse and Un-Duz-It will make your customers the true heroes! And you can be a hero to your customers for providing them with a proven solution that really works.

Kits includes one gallon of each product below:
Prorestore 433152000 Unsmoke Un-Duz-It Gallon Enzyme Deodorizer Prorestore 433152000 Unsmoke Un-Duz-It Gallon Enzyme Deodorizer

Prorestore: Unsmoke Urinse Pre-Spotter Gallon Prorestore: Unsmoke Urinse Pre-Spotter Gallon

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This product was added to our store on Tuesday 14 July, 2015.
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