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Clean Storm Reverse14-30R Power Joiner Step Up Inverter Converts Dual 20A 115V Outlets to 230V 4Wire 80Ka Surge 20240541 [20240541]

Your Price:  $518.35 
Part Number: 20240541
Estimated shipping cost: $ 18.00


Power Cord Adapter Inverter (Reverse Converter) Takes two 120 volt outlets and allows you to use 230 volt appliances that uses under 20 amp @ 240 volts (4800 watts) Single phase current to NEMA 14-30R receptacle.  Commonly used as an Level 2 electric car charger.  Fast and Easy 220 Volts.

Bundle Includes:

Square D HEPD80 Whole Home Electronics Protective Device, AC Surge Protection, Type 1 SPD, 120/240VAC, 1Phase 3Wire, 80kA Square D HEPD80 Whole Home Electronics Protective Device, AC Surge Protection, Type 1 SPD, 120/240VAC, 1Phase 3Wire, 80kA

Factory Installed 600 Volt, 80,000 Amp Surge Protection

HEPD devices protect and provide surge suppression for important items that are not compatible with plug strips such as electric cars, concrete grinders, concrete compression testing equipment, floor sanders, concrete dust and hepa vacuums, laser and light show equipment, washers, dryers, refrigerators, stoves, heating and air conditioning equipment, and lighting.

Clean Storm ReverseL14-20R Power Joiner Step Up Inverter Converts Dual 20 amp 115 Volt outlets to allow 230 Volt 4 wire Clean Storm ReverseL14-20R Power Joiner Step Up Inverter Converts Dual 20 amp 115 Volt outlets to allow 230 Volt 4 wire

Works with:

Zencar B075TDDJPM Level 2 EV Charger(240V,16A,28ft) Portable EVSE Home Electric Vehicle Charging Station Compatible with Chevy Volt, Nissan Leaf, Fiat, Ford Fusion

Other 220 to 240 volt receptacles available including but not limited to: NEMA 6-30R, NEMA 6-50R,
NEMA 10-30R, NEMA 14-30R, NEMA 14-50R, more
power converter systemNema 6-50R 240 volttelsa electric car converter plug
230 volt converter configurations
nema 3 wire configurations

Perfect for electric cars, pressure washers, welders, plasma cutters, vapor steam cleaners, and other high powered equipment when 230 and 240 volt plugs are just not available.  No need to hire and electrician.  Portable and take with you when you need to.

Not for use on GFCI or LDCI 115 volt Outlets.

To use simply plug into different outlets and push the momentary button to test voltage.  If the voltage read between 220 to 240 volts you are good to go.  Not all outlet combinations will produce the correct voltage so you have to test before each use.  If you push the voltage test button and it reads 120 volts, simply re-located one of the power cords to a different location and retest.  Every job site location has the ability to provide plus or minus 230 volts.  If you use 15 amp 115 v to 120 volt circuits then you will only be able to operate 15 amp 230 volt equipment.  If your pressure washer needs 23 amps @ 230 volts and you are plugged into 20 amp 115 volt outlets, you will need to turn the pressure down to lower the amp draw.  Just turn the pressure regulator / unloader knob counter clockwise.  The less pressure, the less horse power is needed to turn the electric motor and this will lower the amp draw.  
Until both 120 volt power cords are connected to a 120 volt electrical source, it is electrically isolated from the electrical circuit of the exposed male plug on the 2nd power cord.  This protects the user from accidental shock through the exposed male plug contact.

  tesla and electric car charger converter

Plastic Box is 6" X 6" X 4"
Dual 12-3 X 25 ft power cords with dual 20 amp push breakers.
Green light voltage notification or Optional 250 volt analog meter
Rubber feet on bottom of box

You must test both wall outlets with a receptacle polarity tester before use!
   Electrical Outlet Receptacle Tester 3 wire 120 volt  201000823 Electrical Outlet Receptacle Tester 3 wire 120 volt 

Note: User assumes all responsibility on use.  It is the users responsibility to check the inbound voltage, outbound voltage, and total amp draw to verify these are not going to be overloaded.  The user agrees to test the amp draw of any appliance or machine that they plug into these converters to ensure they are not being overloaded. Meters are cheap and mistakes are expensive.  You can purchase a meter at https://www.steam-brite.com/voltage-meter-mulitester-p-6259.html 
User agrees to hold Steam Brite, its employees, and agents harmless in the event of any use of said use of converter.  The user agrees to not hold SteamBrite and all employee against any problems that arise out of the use of said converters/ inverters.  Remember, just because it plugs in does not mean it is OK to use!

Note if you are purchasing for your Telsa Electric car you need the 14-50R unit.  The advantage is you can charge your car 100% faster with this converter over the conventional 20 amp 120 volt outlet.  If you have to stay in a motel now you can convert you hotel/motel wall outlets into a 240 volt outlet to charge your car twice as fast. 
Please remember the 80/20 electrical rule.  If you are going to plug into a 15 amp outlet and draw long term the device needs to be under 80% of 15 amps = 12 amps max.
If I plug into dual 20 amp breakers long term then the 80/20 rules math is 20 amps X 80% = 16 amps max.
Owners Manual


Tips:  One customer wrote, "I plugged into different walls, not the same outlet, and it did not work."

Answer:  This is incorrect step / understanding. understanding left phase vs right phase in a breaker panel

In order to have the power supply box work, it must be plugged into different phases.

There are two phases of power in every home.

Half of all the outlets are on left phase, and the other half is on right phase.

You must land on one of each phase in order for the power supply to work.

This means if I just randomly select two outlets in a home, I could be plugged into:  two left side phases, 2 right side phases, or 1 of left + 1 right (correct use of power supply, depress phase locator button on the power supply box and will illuminate bright green on the phase locator light if you plugged in correctly.)

If you look at the breaker panel (photo to the right) and notice the column of breakers on the left side and then a column on the ride side.

The way a breaker box is wired is the top left breaker is left phase, the 2nd from the top left strait down the left column is right phase, 3rd down is left column is left phase, 4th down is right phase.  These breakers alternate phase location all the way down each column.

The top right column of breakers works exactly the same way.  You have to land on one left phase and and one right phase to make this item work.  It is OK to have landed on a pair of outlets that is left and right side and each is positioned anywhere in the breaker panel.

Since this power supply box will not work with GFCI or LCI outlets you can also replace a GFCI outlet with a standard wall receptacle.  

Optionally, if the two breakers you want to use are on the same phase, simply change the location of one of the two breakers to be in a different position in the column.   This is very easy to do and only takes a screw driver (see video link below.)  Go outside and turn off the breaker and turn off the breaker that is labeled as ‘main.’  Go back to the garage and take off the garage panel cover.  Grab the breaker you want to relocate and simply switch positions with another breaker either one up or one down in the column.   You can change the location of the breaker or change the location of the wire in the breaker (your choice.)  This will put the breaker on a different phase.  Again, see video below on how to do this.



Once you are on different phases, and press the momentary phase location button on your power supply box, the green light will be bright green telling you, you selected one left and one right phase and you are good to use this power supply box below the required amp draw of the wall outlets you plugged into.


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Warranty Disclaimer: Buyer's sole and exclusive remedy for defects in the products shall be as provided in the manufactures's warranty and any other rights provided by law against the manufacturer. Steam Brite, Inc makes no other than as specified in this agreement. All other warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby disclaimed.

This product was added to our store on Thursday 06 June, 2024.
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