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Drieaz 30-114 F429 Dragon F535 Blower Motor Only [30-114]

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Part Number: 30-114
Estimated shipping cost: $ 18.00


Drieaz 30-114  F429 Dragon F535 Blower Motor Only

This part is for the blower motor only and does not reflect the entire heater.

Dragon® X2 Heater offers easy heating mobility

Self-contained, trailer mounted, diesel powered and 100,000 BTU!

Need more clean heat in the drying equation? Need a powerful heater that's ready for any job? The Dragon X2 Mobile Furnace produces 100,000 BTUs of heat without adding any moisture or fumes to the drying environment. Mounted on a fully-equipped heavy-duty trailer, the Dragon X2 is always ready to tow to the next job – leaves plenty of space on the truck for other drying equipment. And, with a run-time of up to three days before refilling the onboard diesel tank, your customers will have the heat they need to tackle even the biggest jobs.

Powerful Heat. True Mobility.

The Dragon X2 provides 100,000 BTUs that can be ducted into three separate areas of a structure to reduce drying times while maintaining stable and comfortable temperatures. The Dragon is mounted on a sturdy DOT-approved trailer and equipped with ample storage lockers, so it is ready to roll at a moment's notice.

The unit's 60-gallon (max.) on-board tank eliminates the mess and hassle of external tanks and/or daily refueling required by other mobile heaters.

This diesel-fueled indirect-fired furnace utilizes a stainless steel heat exchanger so that the process air never comes into direct contact with the flame in the combustion chamber. A powerful fan delivers the heated air at up to 1500 CFM through triple outlets, making it easy to direct the heated air where it is needed.

The Dragon is ideal for any number of applications, including:

  • water damage restoration
  • new construction drying
  • unheated jobsites
  • temporary event shelters
  • any situation calling for clean, dry heat
  • Brochure
  • "If you have customer that are located in cold climate regions and have homes that are built on crawlspaces that have water damages and water that has accumulated in that area, without the use of heat, they will not get them dry.


    As water travels through the substrate down into the crawlspace, it saturates the subfloor and insulation. Once the insulation is removed due to it being saturated, that leaves the subfloor exposed to cold temperatures. The cold surface leads to condensation and accumulation of moisture thus increasing the moisture content of the materials. If heat is not added to the crawlspace to raise the materials temperature away from dew point, that floor will not dry out till spring when the temperatures outdoor begin to rise. Without the application of heat, the crawlspace and the materials that are in direct contact with that space will not dry out.


    This can lead to microbial problems and come back as a liability problem for them.

    Heat is a very important component to the drying process and should be a major teaching point for your franchises. There is no other solution out there other than heat to accomplish this task.


    Desiccants do not provide the temperature rise that is conducive to heating the material warm enough to remove the material away from dew point temperature. In fact, because it is a very good dehumidifier of choice in cold climates it will create a lower GPP in the drying chamber (crawlspace) and lower the vapor pressure, thus cause the higher vapor pressure in the home to move to the lower vapor pressure in the crawlspace. When this happens the moisture moves through the plywood and as soon as it contact to cold side of the plywood, it condenses. Now with liquid water directly on the surface of the material, the MC of the material begins to climb due to liquid water accumulating on the surface of it, thus raising the MC from the bottom up. As mentioned, this moisture will not dry out unless you raise the surface temperature of the material.


    By taking the outside air that is cold and dry and running it through an indirect fired furnace such as the Dragon X2, it provides hot dry air to facilitate optimum drying not only to the crawlspace but helps drive the moisture out of the subfloors speeding up the drying process and reducing the overall drying process time. Insurance companies and adjusters are being taught the value of this application and its necessity to ensure proper drying of all structural materials. I believe the reason you may have had low sales in the past is because of a lack of education on the importance of heat and its necessity to completing the drying process.


Carpet Cleaning Equipment Truckmount Truck Mount Truckmounted Extractor

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Drieaz 30-114 F429 Dragon F535 Blower Motor Only [30-114]

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This product was added to our store on Saturday 06 February, 2010.
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