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White Magic Sell You used White Magic Truckmount [White Magic TruckMount]

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Part Number: White Magic TruckMount
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Sell your used White Magic truck mount for free! If you currently own a used White Magic truckmounted carpet cleaning machine and would like to put it online as a used truckmount for sale, email the information to us at info@steambrite.com, and we'll put the ad for your used White Magic Pro 1800, Pro 1600, Cammander, Rebel, Triton DS, Triton GS, Triton LS, Pro 1000, Pro 2000, ect...truck mount on the website, free of charge! No set up fees, no posting fees, no selling fees. Please includes photos, hours, every thing that is included, how you are going to handle shipping or freight, and warranty information. Sorry, no phone calls allowed on this service. Email only. Once your White Magic truck mounted carpet cleaning machine sells, email us to remove the webpage

The example below could be your add!

*All features subject to change without notice. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Major components specifications are manufacturers maximum ratings. System is de-rated for maximum life. Engine and blower are used to 70-80% capacities. System pressure is set at 1200 PSI.



ROOTS™ 47 Blower


13-14” Hg Max




KOHLER ® Aegis Liquid Cooled Engine


28 HP

Engine Speed


3600 RPM

Water Temp



Water Pressure


1200 PSI Max.

CFM Rating


460 CFM


DIMENSIONS (footprint)














1.)  (PN# A405) Console Assembly, Commander & HO: Console assembly is conveniently removed to access the internal components of your Slide-In Carpet Cleaning Machine.

2.)  (PN# J412-4) Choke Cable: A heavy duty choke cable controls the choke on your machine.

3.)  (PN# A031) Handle - Console Assembly, Commander & HO: Convenient handle for lifting the top console on and off your machine.

4.)  (PN# A094A) Indicator Light, Red: The machine will tell the operator the status of the operating features of the machine.  When these lights are activated they will inform the operator  which system shut down the unit.   These safety features include: low engine oil switch, full recovery tank & high solution temperature.

5.)  (PN# A094) Indicator Light, Green: A green light to indicate a your if truckmount is in diverter mode.

6.)  (PN# J304) Ignition Switch, Kohler Engines: Remote Ignition located on the front of the face panel allows for easy starting the machine.

7.)  (PN# K012) Flexible Draw Latch: An easily manipulated rubber draw latch that seals your console assembly closed.

8.)  (PN# A010) Tiny Tach / Hourmeter: White Magic slide-in machines are all equipped with a digital tachometer and hour meter.   Produced by KOHLER® this precise gauge gives the true RPM of the engine.

9.)  (PN# B073) 20 Amp Circuit Breaker: Protects the electrical components of your White Magic Truckmount.

10.)  (PN# A0305) Temperature Gauge: Designed for ease of operation simply, pull the trigger and watch your temperature soar.  The gauge will read up 330°F and its sending unit is placed right before the heated solution exits the machine.  This added benefit allows the operator to know the exact temperature output (within a few degrees), at the wand.

11.)  (PN# J412-3) Throttle Cable: User friendly, the choke and throttle cables easily pull out and with just a twist locks at the desired setting.

12.)  (PN# A015A) Vacuum Gauge: This glycerin filled gauge displays the vacuum lift of the blower, routine check of this gauge during operation will help determine if maintenance of the vacuum system is required.

13.)  (PN# A101) Blower Lubrication Port: Conveniently located on the face panel of the machine, allows for proper lubrication of the blower.

14.)  (PN# A061-15) Water Recovery Switch: With just a flip of this switch the machine can go from normal carpet cleaning operation in to water extraction.  When this switch is activated it automatically turns the pump clutch off and closes both of the heat diverters.   Now with no heat entering the heat exchange system and the pump not working the machine can run for days with out ever having to supply the machine with water.  This is an absolute must for water damage operations.

15.)  (PN# A138M) Temperature Controller: This fully adjustable feature controls the HeatSmartTM system.  When the desired temperature is selected the machine automatically regulates the exhaust diverters to maintain the proper temperature.

16.)  (PN# J032-3) Engine Kill Override: When one of the three kill switches shuts the machine down, by pressing this button it allows the operator to diagnose the systems and make corrections to restart the machine.

17.)  (PN# B301) Auto Pump-out Control: Every White Magic machine is pre-wired for our external Auto Pump-out System regardless if the machine is ordered with one or not, its there for future use if necessary.

18.)  (PN# B115) Magnesium Sacrificial Anode: Protect your water storage tank with this magnesium anode. Replace every 6 months or as needed.

19.)  (PN# L003) Ceramic Coated Exhaust Tip: Chrome plated will look great even after years of use.  The exhaust from both the blower and engine exit the machine through the face panel.  It can also be installed so the exhaust may be run down through the floor of the vehicle.

20.)  (PN# B0385) Water Tank Drain Valve: A 1” ball valve used to drain the fresh water tank.

21.)  (PN# E268) Oil Drain Valve: All the oil drains on the machines are installed into a central line that is accessible in the front of the machine.  This allows for simple oil changes with little or no mess to clean up after.  No more spilling oil all over the inside of the machine.

22.)  (PN# E021) Overflow Protection: This port allows for the proper operation of both the water box and fresh water tank (if equipped) and prevents premature failure of the water system.

23.)  (PN# B097) Auxiliary Output Valve: This allows access to warm water straight out of the face panel on the machine.  It is an outstanding benefit for filling sprayer or diluting chemicals.

24.)  (PN# TA70) 70 Gallon Submount Fresh Water Tank (Optional):  An optional submount water tank that conveniently saves space in your van and holds 70 gallons of fresh water to feed your machine.

25.)  (PN# B002) Water Supply Input: Whether the machine is equipped with a fresh water tank or not, the water supply is connected here.

26.)  (PN# B001) Solution Disconnects: Two disconnects gives this machine limited dual wand capabilities.  Located far away from any electrical components.  The disconnects allow for easy hook up of live reels or wands.

27.)  (PN# B085) Chemical Selector Valve: This three-way valve allows the operator to turn on, off, or prime the chemical system.  The priming mechanism is vacuum assisted which allows a complete & instantaneous prime each and every time.

28.)  (PN# A019) Chemical Flow Meter: The chemical flow meter displays the flow of chemical going to the cleaning tool.  Read in GPH (gallons per hour) this is a more consistent chemical flow compared to other systems that meter CCM.

29.)  (PN# B086) Chemical Adjustment Knob: By turning this knob it allows the operator to adjust the chemical flow from 0-5 GPH.

30.)  (PN# A151M) Unloader Valve:  This allows the operator to adjust the working pressure of the pumping system of the machine.  Unlike a pressure regulator system the unloader valve releases the pressure off of the pump and pump components preventing premature failure of the pumping system.

31.)  (PN# A109) Pressure Gauge:  The pressure gauge tells the operator the setting of the unloader valve and the pressure output of the pump



ROOTS™ 47 Blower
• Kohler 28 HP AEGIS Liquid Cooled Engine
• Final Stage Chemical Injection Pump
• Bypass-less Heat Exchanger
• 120 Gallon Recovery Tank
• Stainless Steel High Volume Air Filtration w/Relief
• Progressive Silencing System
• 12” SS 2 Jet Scrub Wand
• Vacuum Hose 2" x 150'
• Vacuum Lead Hose 1.5" x 12'
• Solution Hose 150' With Disconnects
• Wand Mounting Bracket
• Automatic Blower and Engine Exhaust Diverter
• Cold Water Adapter
• Five Gallon Chemical Jug W/Stainless Steel Tray
• Service Manual
• 12 Month Warranty
• Pulsation Dampener
• Pump Disengagement Clutch

Commander H.O. Internal features and benefits:

Right Side View:

1.)  (PN# A405-1L) Front Console w/Partition Baffle: (face panel) One of the most important feature of any slide in system, but the most over looked is the Partition Baffle.   The Partition Baffle is responsible in preventing the re-circulation of heated air generated by the engine & heat exchange system.   All White Magic slide-ins have been designed with this feature in mind.  The signature series partition baffles are connected by gasket materials to the air intake of the engine housing to insure proper air flow of the machine is achieved.

2.)  (PN# J345) Engine:  (28 HP KOHLER AEGIS® Liquid Cooled Engine) KOHLER AEGIS® Engines are designed with overhead -valves, exclusive hydraulic valve lifters, full pressure lubrication.

3.)  (PN# A103-50) Pump Disengagement Clutch: This allows the machine to quickly go between carpet cleaning operations to flood extraction work.   With just a flip of the switch the pump clutch disengages, stopping the pump from functioning.  The clutch & belts are covered by an aluminum safety guard,  protecting the operator and machine from harm.

4.)   (PN# A103) CAT PUMP®  5CP Pump:  Far superior from any other pump manufacturers,  CAT PUMP®  delivers outstanding reliability and performance.  Mounted in the machine high above all other components allows for quick and easy service of the pump.  While performing service the pump does not need to be un-bolted or readjusted, all service can be done in place.  This saves hours of down time and expense to the equipment owner.

5.) (PN# A103-70) Pulsation Hose:  As the ceramic plungers of the CAT Pump push water into the system, a vibration is given off.  The pulsation or vibration is absorbed helping prevent premature failure of fittings and components.

6.) (PN# WB300) Water Box: Constructed from Stainless Steel, the water box provides the incoming water to the pump.  The box can contain a max. of  (2) gallons of water and has a whole host of features.  Located above all of the other components the water box is hung in place and secured with only (1) ¼” 20 bolt, allowing the box to be quickly removed if service is necessary.   The water box has (4) easy to remove thumb-screws that holds down the gasketed cover, preventing water from spilling over on to the machine.   The water box also has overflow protection, filtered input and allows for simple winterization of the machine in cold weather climates.

7.) (PN# B098) Water Pressure Reducer:  Located on the input of the water box the pressure reducer assures that the input water pressure is consistent, for extra protection of the internal float valve.

8.) (PN# A1010)  ROOTS  47 Blower: White Magic has selected DRESSER ROOTS as our exclusive vendor for Vacuum Blowers. The Commander is outfitted with the ROOTS  47 blower providing 460 CFM and 14”Hg of vacuum lift. These blowers are capable of producing exceptional performance for all aspects of upholstery cleaning to water extraction.  The dual lobe blower design is far superior and more reliable to the new tri-lobe blower designs available in the cleaning industry.

9, 11.) (PN# J735,J740,J745)  Progressive Silencing System: White Magic engineers have worked tirelessly to maximize performance without restricting airflow.  The Progressive Silencing system works by stepping down the noise generated by the carpet cleaning system at specific locations throughout the machine.

10.) (PN# MF2100)  Frame Assembly:  Constructed from heavy gauge steel, the frame also provides easy lifting with its built in fork lift pads.

12.) (PN# B0786) 3” Muffler Clamp: High Quality, Heavy Duty muffler clamps hold the exhaust system in our truckmounted cleaning systems.

13.) (PN# B0085) Blower Oil Lever Sight Tube: Made of High Quality TYGON Tubing, this sight tube provides easy views of the blower oil level.

14.) (PN# G036) Blower V-Belts: (2) 36” Industrial Strength V-Belts drive your vacuum blower.

15.) (PN# G038) Pump V-Belts: (2) 38” Industrial Strength V-Belts drive your high pressure pump.

16.) (PN# J710) Exhaust Pipe: Directs exhaust gasses out of the front of your machine and out of the van.

Left Side View:

1., 19)  (PN# HE2200-1, HE2200-2) Heat Exchange System:  Making up the heart of the Heatsmart Technology is our double barrel heat exchanger.   Constructed using White Magic exclusive High Efficiency Finned Copper Coil, this coil is far superior to other coil designs found elsewhere in the United States.  The heat exchanger is designed to maximize both airflow and heat transfer. As the water flows through the heat exchanger it enters at the coolest point and exits the heat exchanger at the hottest point.  This is commonly referred to as Reverse Flow.

2.)  (PN# B135P) Pressure Relief Valve:  This valve is factory set to prevent over pressurization of the machine.  When the machine reaches its setting the valve opens to relieve excess pressure being developed by the pumping system. This valve allows the operator to adjust the pressure up to 1200 PSI for tile and grout cleaning.

3, 4, 5.)  (PN# A380, A381, A383) Vacuum Actuators:  Opens and closes the Heat Diverters to maintain and control water temperature.

6, 8 - 12, 20.)  (PN# H011, H0155, H016, H017) Stainless Steel Braided Hoses: White Magic uses only Stainless Steel high-pressure hoses to interconnect the systems solution and pumping system.

7.)  (PN# H425) Flexible Hose, Air Input: Connects the Air Cleaner on your machine to the fresh outside air.

13.)  (PN# H013) Chemical Jug Input Line:  Connects your chemical pump to your mixed chemical in the chemical jug.

14.)  (PN# A140M) Vacuum Solenoid:  As the temperature reaches its predetermined setting established by the operator, the Temperature Sensor sends an electrical signal to the vacuum solenoid which activates the Vacuum Pods to open and close the Heat Diverters to maintain the desired operating solution temperatures.

15.)  (PN# J790) Tube Clamp:  Connects your chemical pump to your mixed chemical in the chemical jug.

16.)  (PN# J720) Engine Exhaust Diverter:  This component operates by directing the flow of hot gases produced by the engine. During operation of the machine the heat generated by the engines exhaust will flow into the heat exchange system to heat the cleaning solution.  Once the cleaning solution has reach the pre-determined temperature set by the operator the temperature sensor will activate the vacuum diverter control closing the Exhaust Diverter preventing the hot gases from entering the heat exchange systems.  The Heat Diverters internal components are made from Stainless Steel and are nickel-plated to extend life of thediverter.

17.)  (PN# J715) Blower Exhaust Diverter:  Working in conjunction with the engine exhaust diverter is White Magic’s exclusive blower exhaust diverter.  This diverter protects the system from over heating.   After the engine exhaust diverter has closed, and if the solution temperature continues to rise, the blower exhaust diverter will then activate, preventing any of the heat generated by the blower from entering the Heat Exchange System.   This is an exceptional feature for water recovery operations.  When the machine is placed into water recovery mode both the Engine Exhaust Diverter and Blower Exhaust Diverter are activated.  This prevents any heat generated from entering the heat exchange system, allowing the machine to run continuously for hours with no water in the system.

18.)  (PN# D0029B) Heavy Duty Spring:  Assists the blower diverter in closing while under a vacuum load.

21.)  (PN# J0347) High Temperature Kill Switch:  This safety feature protects the operator, bystanders and the machine from dangerous overheating of the systems water temperature rating.  This Safety Kill Switch will shut the machines engine down if the solution temperature exceeds 275°F.  If this occurs the operator can quickly determine the cause or the shut down by looking at the indicator lights on the face panel of the machine.

This warranty extends to the original purchaser of equipment upon date of installation listed in the Truckmount Document
package. The Truckmount Document package MUST be returned in order to activate the truckmount warranty. Failure to return
document package will result in the warranty start date being the date of shipment from the factory.

White Magic Inc. warrants truckmount machines of its manufacture to be free from defects in material and workmanship if
properly installed, maintained, and operated under normal conditions with competent supervision as is illustrated within the
White Magic Inc. instructional/operational Owners Service Manual. No person, agent, representative, or dealer (distributor) is
authorized to give any warranties on behalf of White Magic Inc. or to assume for White Magic Inc. any liability in connection
with any White Magic Inc. products.

To ensure the functionality and safety of equipment the White Magic Inc. Platinum Guarantee Warranty Plan shall cease to be
in effect if modifications are made to the equipment without the express written consent of White Magic Inc. Corrosions, deposits
and build up in the water, chemical, recovery or heating systems due to hardness in the water used or chemicals , will
VOID all warranties in the affected components and areas. The use of any chemical or solvents, which may damage metal,
rubber, plastic, or painted parts, will VOID all warranties on those parts. Freezing or over-pressurization of any water or
chemical related components would VOID all warranties on water or chemical related components, internal or external, of the

The warranty period for the equipment, and parts, (except those listed below) is (1) ONE YEAR from the date of installation or
(18) EIGHTEEN MONTHS from the date of shipment from the factory, whichever comes first. White Magic Inc. agrees, at
its option, to repair or replace without charge any defective parts or products of White Magic Inc.'s manufacture, which within
the warranty period. Parts supplied under this warranty themselves shall be warranted for the remaining life of the original
warranty. All items that are considered by White Magic Inc., to be expendable or normal wear items in normal use, including
paint and other cosmetic parts or features are not covered under the warranty. Normal maintenance procedures (oil, filter
changes, belts, etc.) are not covered. The Blower, Engine, and Pump , are warranted only to the extent of the original manufacturer's
warranty to White Magic Inc. Any claim that falls under the Original Manufacturer’s warranty should be made in accordance
with Original Manufacturer’s policies for warranty claims. Always follow Original Manufacturer’s warranty policy in
affect at time of purchase.

The White Magic warranty also covers labor for the period (90) NINETY DAYS on new equipment, from the date of installation.
This labor must be preauthorized by the White Magic Service Dept. and warranty work MUST be completed at a factory
authorized repair center.

General parts orders, replacement parts, & out of warranty parts replacement carry a (90) NINETY DAY warranty from date
of shipment. All parts returns are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

White Magic Inc. will pay freight and transportation charges within the United States under normal ground shipping for replacement
of warranted parts for a period of (1) ONE YEAR. The shipment of warranted parts any faster than ground will
not be covered.

As stated in White Magic Inc.’s warranty, only the parts and the equipment are covered. White Magic Inc. shall have no liability
for: consequential, incidental, or other damages caused. This included, but is not limited to: lost business, downtime,
lodging or any other incidentals.

RMA procedure is as follows: Faulty part is called into White Magic Inc. White Magic confirms failure over the phone by further
diagnosis. If part is determined to be failed, RMA number is issued and part is shipped and billed according to account type.

Labor coverage would be approved / denied at this time. To be covered under warranty the defective parts must be returned
with an authorized RMA# to White Magic Inc. within (30) THIRTY DAYS of failure. When part is received, it is evaluated,
and credit is approved or denied based upon testing and evaluation. Credits will be issued once a month at the end of every
month. No liability shall be attached to White Magic Inc. until products have been paid for.

Extended Protection Parts:
(All features, specifications and warranty are subject to change without notice on White Magic Inc. or Original Manufacturer’s warranty.)
FRAME: …………………………………………... 3 Years
DRIVESHAFT: …………………………........... 3 Years
S.S. HEAT EXCHANGERS: …………………… 3 Years

ENGINE: {original manufacturer’s warranty}
PUMP: {original manufacturer’s warranty}
BLOWER: {original manufacturer’s warranty}

Wire and Water Schematics

Carpet Cleaning Equipment Truckmount Truck Mount Truckmounted Extractor

Steambrite will ship the White Magic Sell You used White Magic Truckmount [White Magic TruckMount] by either Fedex, UPS, USPS, or Freight Quote, and will normally be shipped within 2-5 business days (if in stock). Equipment small enough to be sent by ground should typically arrive within 3-5 business days after shipment. Large Equipment could take in excess of 6-8 working days to arrive after shipment, and ground shipping times are not guaranteed. Special order, or custom build items may take up to 30 days.
Next day, two day, and three day services are available.
Click here for our full shipping policy. Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Steam Brite Inc shall have no obligation or liability to buyer whether arising in contract (including warranty) tart (including active, passive or imputed negligence) other otherwise for loss of use, revenue or profit, or any other incidental or consequential damages with respect to any non-conformance or defect in any items provided here under. You our customer agrees to indemnify Steam Brite Inc and to hold it harmless from and against any and all claims, cost, liabilities, damages and expenses, including attorney's fees, resulting from personal injury or property damaged caused by the Products.
Warranty Disclaimer: Buyer's sole and exclusive remedy for defects in the products shall be as provided in the manufactures's warranty and any other rights provided by law against the manufacturer. Steam Brite, Inc makes no other than as specified in this agreement. All other warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby disclaimed.

This product was added to our store on Wednesday 21 January, 2009.
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