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-DriStorm SBM-GO-A-6 Goliath 6.6 Flood Pumper 26gal Quad 6.6 Vacs Pressure Washer Recovery 120v with Lint Filtration [SBM-GO-A-6]

Your Price:  $2,899.00 
Part Number: SBM-GO-A-6
Estimated shipping cost: $ 191.00

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Goliath 6.6 Flood Water Extraction and Pressure Washer Vacuum Recover Machine

The worlds strongest electric flood extraction machine! 

Video below is of the baby brother model made with quad two stage.  This sku is for quad 6.6 vacs and requires four 15 am breakers to operate. 

Video above of the original smaller Goliath Heated Electric Truckmount Package

Goliath Plus

Quad Vac Flood pumper
The Industries Strongest Water Extraction Machine and Electric Pressure Washer Vacuum Recovery!
New Larger Waste Tank Size
: 26 gallon (20" X 20" X 15")
Body Construction: Fiberglass box for durability, capable of full steam pick up.
Vacuum Motors: Four 6.6 vacuums (will operate over 350+ ft of 2" vacuum hose!) Vacuum motors are configured: each pair is in series and then both pairs are in parallel for the best of both worlds of high cfm and high inches of lift.  Full 15" Hg Lift.
New Larger Flat Lid

: 30 GPM STAINLESS STEEL sump pump with water level sensor (machines automatically dumps the dirty water as you clean for non stop production) Draws only 3.5 amps.

  •   Primary cord (15.5 amps) runs (1) vac motor in air series with ball float shutoff and sump pump. If a secondary circuit is not available, machine would perform on this cord. Wired with an in-line GFI and cooling fan.
  •   Remaining three power cords (12.5 amp average) runs one each of the remaining (3) other vac motors in air series twin pair configuration.
  •  Twin 1-1/2" ball float shutoff with lint filtration.
  •   One vacuum stand pipe with check valve will let you run one, two, three or all four vacuum motors depending on how much electricity is available on the job site. One 120 volt power cord per vacuum motor.
  •   Single 2" vacuum intake.
  •   Garden hose cam lock adapter for carpet and tile cleaning for garden hose dirty water discharge
  •   1-1/2" cam lock adapter for flood restoration (seen in photo below) for 1.5" diameter dirty water discharge.
  •   (5) Green lighted splash proof rocker switches.
  •   Blue tank/Gray base. Lids can be white or black. (current color black)
    Ametek Lamb 122234-18  6.6 Vac Motor 120 volts  Factory Installe Quad (4) Ametek Lamb 122234-18 6.6 Vac Motor 120 volts 
    Note each vacuum motor is on it's own power cord using 12.5 amps of power

    Twin series pair configuration
    340 cfm
    215" lift (15hg)
    73,100 vacuum units
    50 amp total vacuum system
    (same performance of a 20 hp 36 blower gasoline truckmount)

  • Gallon of liquid defoamer can be set on top of extractor on jobs where you need to cut some suds. (auto dump systems only dump water and not bubbles)
1.  Add a booster port to the lid to add even more vacuum later on $100
vacuum booster port to lid of cleaning machine

Unit Measurements
- Handle height is 43-1/8". Machine dimensions" 43-1/8"H x 23"W x 30" L
(we can make the machine handle shorter for smaller suv's)
- Weight (assembled) = 106 lbs. w/out cords.
Can be ordered with no wheels and no handle for permanent installation on a tongue of a pressure washing trailer.  Footprint is only 20" X 15"

Goliath Advantages:
1.  26 gallon recovery tank
2.  Auto defoamer needle valve means non stop production. 
3.  2" vac port will run either 2" or 1-1/2" vacuum hose.
4.  The highest lift and highest CFM extractor on the market.  Nothing comes close.  This machine is impressive when it comes to suction.  This machine will run longer hose lengths and dry carpet better than any other electric machine that is operating on four power cords.  50 amp total vacuum system @120 volt = 6000 watts vacuum performance!
5.  Will operate on one, two, three, or all four 15 amp power cords.
6.  Dual port water pump out discharge.  Toggle back and forth between automatic dumping out a garden hose (for cleaning jobs) or out a 1-1/2" vacuum hose (water extraction jobs), your choice. 
7.  Switch plate cover will keep your water resistant switch covers in place.  Unlike some other brands the clear water protection cover can fall off once the machine gets old or if it gets knocked around.
  Fiberglass body is not affected by steam vacuum recovery as plastic housing get soft. 
9.  Easily converts into an air duct cleaning machine, tile cleaning machine, carpet cleaning machine, auto detail extractor.
10.  Designed to work perfectly with electric converters and run on 15 hp (420cc) generators and larger.
11.  New larger longer lasting carbon brushes and sealed bearing vacuum motors.

auto dump extractor
water extraction and flood water removal machine vacuum booster and flood extraction portable noah noah flood extraction machine Goliath vacuum test goliath plus water removal equipment Goliath water extraction unit Goliath flood extraction rear wheel.  Dual wand Sapphire Scientific Upholstery Pros with only 2 vacuum motors private label carpet cleaner cleaning machine

Owner's Manual

These results were achieved with an open vacuum tank
truck mount extractor truck mounted vacuum

This unit sold as Machine Only
This unit may be filled in Blue or Green.  Color is NOT guaranteed but usually filled in Blue!

 truckmount deals Goliath portable extractor carpet cleaning machine 5" locking casters

Auto Defoamer with adjustment knob
truckmountdeals whitemagic truckmount Lighted water resistant covered rock switches


electric truckmounts

Question: Will the machine operate on a customer's electric dryer plug?
Answer:  Yes.  This was the idea behind this machine.  One plug to run just vacuum and auto dump.  If you want to run a pressure washing pump, you will need to operate that pump on gasoline or throw another power cord to the porch or inside the building. An electric dryer plug will offer up to 60 amps @ 120 volts or 7200 watts but with power cord length, you have to allow for wire resistance.  This is the reason for this design.  We did not want to make this machine a 60 amp vacuum to allow for wire loss resistance.  By making a 50 amp design allows you to run 75 feet of power cord to your machine.

Question:  How large of a generator would I need to have to run this?
Answer:  Any 420 cc (15 hp) generator will work.  Example below BE9000ER.  Please note when using optional generators you will need to also use the 240 volt plug with converters (NEMA L14-30R) or the L5-30R.  If using a generator, please do not try to operate by just plugging into the 120 volt outlets (NEMA 5-15R) because it is important to pull electricity evenly out of both sides of the generator.  Please make sure you properly ground your generator.  See notes on how to bond your generator to the ground.

Question:  What is involved in switching between using one power cord to two cords, to three power cord, and then to use all four vacuum motors?
Answer:  Nothing!  We have a check valve installed on one of the vacuum stacks.  This way if you are only using one power cord it shuts off the stack you are not using to prevent air from sucking backwards through the system.  When you are using as a dual corded machine, you have the option to use in air series or air parallel by simply just turning on the two vacuum motors you want.  Because each power cord will operate on 15 am breakers, it plugs in everywhere.  No need to pre-qualify if the outlet is a 20 amp breaker. 

Question:  Does the machine include the bubble top lid or the flat lid?
Answer:  The flat lid.  The bubble top lid are some photos that carried over from the 20 gallon model.  All the 26 gallon machines have flat lids with a twist and lock latch. 



"Vacuum is awesome!  I love the automatic flood pumping ability.  I have worked with the Boxxer 427 for many years and found my Goliath Quad 6.6 feels stronger to me!"



"I used the Goliath Quad 6.6 to perform a tile cleaning service using the TH15 spinner wand and the Clean Storm 6720 pressure washer.

The job site required me to leave the machine on a higher floor than the surface being cleaned.

With the pressure washer set at 1700 psi and applying the water with dual 02 jets using the TH15 spinner wand

Cleaning one and two floors below the Goliath I only needed to run two vacuum motors to pick the water straight up vertically 24 ft and over horizontally 100 ft. using 150 ft of 2" ID vacuum hose.

Cleaning 3 and 4 floors straight up (48 ft) and over 100 ft, I used 3 vacuum motors.

Cleaning 5 floors (60 ft) straight up plus 100 ft. horizontally, I ran all 4 vacuum motors and it worked perfectly!"

MACHINE ONLY!! For cost w/accessories, see package options!
One Year Warranty Included.

Also available in 230 volts for $350 extra + a one month lead time.

We compare the top flood extraction units on the market to see how they compare. Click Here is the list of features to look for.

To see our vacuum motor testing visit
Starter packages available to clean:
Air Ducts, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Water Extraction, Carpet Cleaning (either high flow and high pressure),



Carpet Cleaning Equipment Truckmount Truck Mount Truckmounted Extractor

Steambrite will ship the -DriStorm SBM-GO-A-6 Goliath 6.6 Flood Pumper 26gal Quad 6.6 Vacs Pressure Washer Recovery 120v with Lint Filtration [SBM-GO-A-6] by either Fedex or Freight Quote, and will normally be shipped within 2-5 working days. Equipment small enough to be sent by Fedex should typically arrive within 3-5 business days after shipment. Large Equipment could take in excess of 6-8 working days to arrive after shipment, and ground shipping times are not guaranteed.
Next day, two day, and three day services are available.
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Warranty Disclaimer: Buyer's sole and exclusive remedy for defects in the products shall be as provided in the manufactures's warranty and any other rights provided by law against the manufacturer. Steam Brite, Inc makes no other than as specified in this agreement. All other warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby disclaimed.

This product was added to our store on Thursday 12 June, 2014.
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